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Hello from Down Under!

Well, we made it! It is currently 5:00 on a Sunday morning here in Sydney and Chris and I are wide awakeView full post »

We Looked Like Giants

Whoa…Long time, no blog! Not gonna give a laundry list of excuses (like the one where I tell youView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day

Hope all of the moms and moms-to-be are having a great day today. I woke up pretty sick this morning andView full post »

I Can’t Stop Now

Last week, during the photo shoot with Kim and Johnny, we were wandering around the beach looking for aView full post »

His World Is Built On Punctuality

I’ve been a very bad blogger. Because my wedding is a little over two months away (eek!)View full post »

Let’s Play Twister

Colorful architecture in Chinatown. I took this image in between shots at the faith + jason shoot.View full post »

Gonna Use My Sidestep

Chris had some guys from work over for a dude night complete with Rock Band, pizza and beer. The lastView full post »

Things on Film

As promised, here are some Joshua Tree shots from my film camera. I should explain that my film cameraView full post »

Two Step

Today I pick up some rolls of film from being developed––images that will end up being the last I postView full post »

Take Me Away

Yesterday was an extremely difficult day for me and Chris because of wedding related stresses that cameView full post »

Where the Streets Have No Name

How about some non-Chris photos from Joshua Tree? Let’s be honest, the man is my favorite subject,View full post »

If You Weren’t Real I Would Make You Up

When Chris and I met, I fell for him right away. But not in that insane head-over-heels way. No, I feelView full post »

I Feel It All

We returned from Joshua Tree yesterday afternoon. It was an amazing weekend, but boy, am I beat.View full post »

I Remember, Long Ago …

I think the best part about photographing kids is that for the most part they don’t try to pose.View full post »


Chris bought Super Smash Brothers Brawl for the Wii this weekend. And this has been his position onView full post »