Eve + Eric = Engaged!

This is probably one of my favorite engagement sessions of late because of how easy and simple it all was. Eric and Eve looked great (I mean – that dress!), the cloud cover provided gorgeous light for us to shoot in, the location was gorgeous and the couple was in love. That’s really all you need for a good shoot. Multiple outfit changes, multiple locations, props – none of that is important. This session was just genuine and fun and gorgeous. And soon I’ll share their wedding, which was equally as fun and genuine and gorgeous! Congratulations, Eve and Eric!Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0001Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0002Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0003Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0004Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0005Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0006Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0007Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0008Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0009Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0010Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0011Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0012Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0013Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0014Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0015Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0016Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0017Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0018Palos_Verdes_Engagement_0019

  • megan - oh i love this one!! her dress is so pretty and goes so well with the locations. I love the beach shots and the one of them standing on the rocks looking out at the ocean is my fav!!

  • Charlie - Lovely pictures such a beautiful couple!

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