Jordana and the Almond Blossoms

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Jordana texted me asking if I wanted to go on a photo field trip with her the following week. I make it a rule to always be up for adventure, so I of course said yes. She didn’t know where she wanted to go, but we both thought the idea of taking a day just to shoot for ourselves sounded like a good idea. I tried to think of an area I’d always wanted to photograph that was fairly close by. Then, a couple of days before our photo field trip, I discovered that the almond blossom trees that line the 5 freeway were in bloom. It was perfect! Usually when I pass those trees on a road trip, they’re either not in bloom, or I don’t really have time to stop. So, we packed up our gear and headed north!

An hour and a half later, we found ourselves in the middle of pretty much nowhere with some almond blossom trees that were just barely in bloom. We took a few shots and then kept heading away from the freeway, where we discovered the most beautiful rows of trees that were bursting at the seems with delicate white flowers. It was heaven. Jordana is pregnant, and while her bump isn’t the ideal maternity session size, it’s still adorable as heck and Jordana looks so beautiful, so I just had to take a few shots of her to document this time in her life in such a magical setting.

I’m so glad we did this and now we’re thinking we’ll do it once a month!


  • Megan Welker - ahhh soooo pretty!!! That last shot is so pretty and Jordana!! So magical!

  • Adrienne Gunde - These are unbelievable! So so pretty!!

  • Ala Cortez - these are insanely gorgeous! fantastic job my dear!

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