Megan + Brian = Married!

Oh, this wedding! Easily one of my favorites of the year and not just because every detail was so beautiful. It’s true that a wedding at Saddlerock Ranch is basically guaranteed to be gorgeous, but I’m a firm believer that the people are what make a wedding amazing. Megan and Brian are an amazing couple and their family and friends were equally as amazing. This day was full of fun and laughter, happy tears… and lots and lots of dancing. Just the way I like a wedding! ;)

Some of my favorite things from the day: Megan chose to go barefoot the entire day (“I grew up in Alabama, I was always barefoot as a kid,” she told me); the entire wedding party walked to the ceremony together as a huge group and then proceeded down the aisle one by one. Watching a huge group of people descend upon the ceremony was cinematic and inspiring and it made me tear up from behind my camera; Megan surprised Brian with a Carvel ice cream cart – his favorite treat from summers growing up in Jersey; Brian and Megan surprised everyone with a fun choreographed dance that got the party started in a perfect way.

This was a good one, kids, and I’m glad to have been a part of it. And, I’m excited to share that today it’s featured on Style Me Pretty, one of my favorite wedding blogs! Here are a few of my favorites, be sure to head over to SMP to see more.

Saddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0034Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0035Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0036Saddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0043Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0044Saddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0046Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0047Saddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0049Saddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photovSaddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0053Saddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0062

Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0108Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0063Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0064Saddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0066Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0067Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0068Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0069Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0070Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0071Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0072Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0073Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0074Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0075Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0076Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0077Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0078Saddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0080Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0081Saddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0084Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0085Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0086Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0087Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0088Saddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0090Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0091Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0092Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0093Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0094Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0095Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0096Saddlerock Ranch wedding photoSaddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0098Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0099Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0100Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0101Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0102Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0103Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0104Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0105Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0106Saddlerock_Ranch_Wedding_0107

  • Megan Welker - CRAZY goooooorgeous!! Love those bridesmaids shots so much!!

  • Charlie - Amazing pictures I love it!

  • Cullen Griffin - Wow! These photos are amazing. Glad I stumbled upon this post. I really like the creativity and it’s something we should try to implement in our photo booths in the future! Thanks for sharing the information!

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