Wedding Tip Wednesday: Have an Unplugged Wedding

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘unplugged wedding’ already, as it’s been a growing trend for a year or two now. If you haven’t, an unplugged wedding is one where the bride and groom ask their guests to put away all cameras, cell phones, iPads, etc. during the ceremony. This allows guests to really be present and witness a meaningful moment between the bride and groom.

JanFayWed-402But what having an unplugged wedding also does is ensures the photographers aren’t having to shoot around iPhones and iPads that are being held in the air or out into the aisle during a ceremony so that Aunt Mae can get her shot, that might not even come out. Even Uncle Bob, with his expensive digital SLR and super-zoom lens can be a nuisance for the photographer that you’ve paid thousands of dollars for. Now, it’s your wedding, but I’m guessing you probably don’t want your paid photographer to have to compete with your family members for the best angles during your ceremony!


The list of guests at your wedding is a representation of the people that mean most to you in the world, so it only makes sense that you’d want them to be truly present as you commit yourself to the love of your life forever. So, if an unplugged wedding sounds like just the thing for you, here are some resources to help you get your family and friends to put down the cameras and tune into your special moment:

  • Offbeat Bride, one of the early pioneers for the unplugged wedding, has some sign verbiage suggestions to get you started.
  • If you need another reason to have an unplugged wedding, Peta Pixel shows many terrifying examples of how a guest can flat out ruin your professional wedding photos.
  • Southern Weddings offers some lovely advice on how to break the news of an unplugged wedding to your guests with tact and class.
  • Need more ideas for unplugged signage to display at your wedding? Pinterest to the rescue!


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