Personal: Arizona Road Trip, Part Two!

Here’s part two of my recap of our recent road trip. In case you missed it, you can read part one here.

If you asked me to pick a favorite day from our road trip, I don’t think I’d be able to because each day held at least one incredible experience. However, our visit to Upper Antelope Canyon was the main reason we made the trip, so I was really looking forward to our tour. Upper Antelope Canyon is part of the Navajo Nation, so no one is allowed to go there without a tour guide. If you want to have the time to get awesome photos, you have to take a professional photographers’ tour, and you must bring your tripod. I, of course, wanted ample time for photos, so that’s exactly what we did.

I was in complete awe of the beauty of the canyon and was so glad to have the time to take photos without being rushed through by a tour guide, but if there’s anything this experience solidified for me it’s that I am NOT a landscape photographer. I need people in my photos or I’m basically hardly interested! Chris was watching me while I was shooting and while I was enjoying myself he didn’t see that fire and joy that he’s used to seeing when I shoot. He asked me if I was having fun and said, “Yeah, I am…but I really miss all the people!”


I was so glad when this woman stepped into my shot. Look at the scale she brings to the canyon! I think she made my shot so much better. But wouldn’t you know it, the other photographers I was with were pretty angry with her for “ruining” their shots. They all looked at me sideways when I audibly showed disappointment in her leaving that spot. ;)


This next photo was taken by Chris on his iPhone. I didn’t know he was taking it and it’s probably my favorite photo of me ever taken. Look at how cool I look with my tripod, guys! ;)


After the tour we grabbed some lunch and some rest as we waited for the sun to set. I knew that after boating through Horseshoe Bend on our first day I really wanted to see it from the top of the canyon. The lookout point at Horseshoe Bend is incredible because it’s fairly easy to get to, and aside from a parking lot a quarter of a mile from the edge, it’s pretty much untouched. No signage, no gates, no barriers of any kind—just this incredible view.AZ_Road_Trip_0036Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetAZ_Road_Trip_0037AZ_Road_Trip_0042

Our second and final day in Arizona was such a success and I highly recommend spending some time in Page to see the incredible sights that we did. Day three brings us to the Grand Canyon, which I’ll be sharing photos of next week!

  • Megan Welker - SO rad! I need to see this in person! The shots inside are seriously mind blowing and I’m right there with you, I always need people in my shots too! Landscapes are super boring ;)

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