Wedding Tip Wednesday: Choosing Your Wedding Day Hotel

Whether you’re getting married close to home or not, chances are you’re going to wake up in a hotel room on your wedding day. Most brides and grooms get ready separately on their wedding day and don’t see each other on that day before their First Look or ceremony, so booking a hotel room for one or both of you is pretty typical, especially if you’re already living together by the time you get married. As a bonus, that hotel room can be where the two of you sleep the night of the wedding, after you’re all pooped out from the excitement of the day.

So, since this hotel room will be where you spend the day getting ready for one of the biggest days of your life, and where you’ll probably spend the night with your brand new husband or wife, doesn’t it make sense that you’d choose an extra special hotel room? Something pretty and nice with lots of good light? If you answered a resounding YES to that question, then you win at life!

Choosing a beautiful hotel room for your wedding day will not only make everything feel more special, it will go very far in helping the photos from the ‘getting ready’ portion of your day be as lovely and as beautiful as possible.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a hotel room for your wedding day:

1. Light. A good amount of natural light is the number one ingredient when it comes to good photography. When booking your wedding day hotel room, make sure the booking agent knows you’ll be using the room to get ready on your wedding day and request a room with lots of windows that gets lots of natural light mid-day. Don’t be afraid to pull the bride card here. They want to make you happy, trust me!

2. Size. If you plan on having a large bridal party and they’ll all be getting ready in your room with you, please book accordingly! A standard hotel room cannot accommodate more than the bride getting ready by herself. A suite is the smallest size room that you should book if you have a wedding party of four or more people. It is not unheard of for a bride to book a conference room to get ready in, so really think about the amount of people that will be in your room and make sure you have enough space for them all to get ready at the same time.

3. Decor. You’ve put a countless amount of time and money into making sure your wedding looked exactly how you wanted it to, so you wouldn’t want an ugly hotel room to muck up the photos from the first moments of your day, would you? Of course not! Do your research before booking your wedding day hotel room. Check out the website thoroughly—or better yet—take a tour and ask to see inside several different rooms before making your choice. Finding a hotel whose decor colors compliment your wedding colors is great if you can find it, but another great way to go is to find an open, airy room with a neutral palette and beautiful furniture. Great furniture is key! Your photographer will likely use things like the bed, chairs, tables, etc. to shoot details like your shoes, rings, invitations and dress, so you want to make those pieces help your details shine.

4. Location. This might go without saying, and honestly the first three things on this list trump this one, but try to book a hotel that is reasonably close to your venue. Not only will it help eliminate the stress that comes with getting to your wedding on time, but it will keep your photographer’s coverage time from being eaten into by travel.

If you keep the above tips in mind when selecting your wedding day hotel room, you’ll be doing your part to ensure your wedding photos will be as lovely as they can possibly be, from start to finish. And, as an added tip, try to make sure your hotel room is clutter free before your photographer arrives! A tidy room is a photogenic room! ;)

Here are a few photos of brides who chose great hotel rooms to get ready in on their wedding day.

From Renee and Nick

From Renee and Nick’s wedding day. Getting ready hotel: The Culver Hotel

Los Angeles Wedding photo

From Melissa and Derek’s wedding day. Getting Ready hotel: Four Seasons Los Angeles

Los Angeles Wedding photo

From Camille and Matt’s wedding day. Getting ready hotel: Beverly Wilshire Hotel

From Erin and Matt

From Erin and Matt’s wedding day. Getting ready hotel: The Millennium Biltmore

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