Personal: A Collection for Two

I’m a minimalist at heart. I hate clutter and feel anxious around lots of “stuff.” My husband? He’s exactly the opposite. Chris is a collector. He was born a collector. He’s got several types of collections of many different types of things and so, despite my protests, our house is home to not just ourselves and our pugs, but to many collections. Be it comic books, DVDs, art or toys, we have lots of ’em. I’ve come to terms (mostly) with this and Chris works really hard to keep things contained enough so that my anxiety doesn’t go through the roof. ;)

However, there is one collection in our house that actually belongs to the both of us. It’s the only collection in the house that I refer to as “ours” where the rest definitely belong to him. Right before we were married, Chris and I learned about a trend in rock concert posters where awesome artists would design posters for shows and produce a limited run of original prints. The art on these posters was awesome and, as luck would have it, many of the ones we found were for some of our favorite bands. Since both music and art are important to the both of us, we decided to collect some of the favorite concert posters we came across. And so, “our collection” was born.

Now the collection is the first thing you see when you walk into our house and I think it gives the perfect glimpse into “us” and is a nice, colorful greeting to anyone who visits. While I don’t generally understand the drive to collect things that many people have, I cherish this collection and love that we started it. I’m also slightly relieved that we’ve run out of wall space to display them so we won’t be adding to it any time soon. This minimalist has her limits. ;)


To give you an idea of just how much the collection means to us, the shot below was taken by my friend Ala and we used it for our Holiday card a couple of years ago. I love this photo so much. Everything in it represents home to me. <3


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