Candice + Perry = Engaged!

This world is so big. But many times, being a photographer has made it seem a lot smaller. Meeting Candice and Perry are sort of a perfect example of that because they’re practically my neighbors but there’s a good chance I wouldn’t know them at all if it weren’t for my photography. I think that’s pretty cool! These two actually live directly next door to some good friends of ours who were kind enough to pass my name along when Perry mentioned he and Candice would be getting married next year and hadn’t yet found a photographer they liked. When they came over to meet with me, they walked because that’s how close they live!

I’m so glad I know more of my neighbors and I’m even more glad they’re awesome people like Candice and Perry. We had a fun time exploring the gardens at the Huntington Library and I can’t wait for their wedding next August!



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