Carly + Eric = Married!

When I was first getting my start as a wedding photographer, I learned the ropes as a second, and sometimes third, shooter. There were a handful of photographers who were kind enough to take me under their wing and show me what it meant to properly document a wedding day. As my business took off and I began to book my own weddings, I second shot less and less because I wanted to keep some weekends free to spend time with my husband.

This year the bulk of my weddings fell in the fall and winter months so I had some summer weekends open and decided to take on some second shooting gigs so as not to get rusty. :) What I had forgotten about being a second shooter is how much fun it can be! You don’t quite have the pressure that the main photographer has, and you typically get to hang out with the guys for most of the day, which is always a fun change of pace from hanging with the girls.

I was lucky enough to join Ally of Love Life Studios in documenting Carly and Eric’s lovely Bel Air Bay Club wedding. As I chose my favorites to blog, I realized that my images are truly the wedding from the perspective of the groom. Not a point of view you see often on my blog because I don’t often get to spend that much time with the guys as the main shooter (and I don’t blog images that second shooter’s take when working my weddings with me). It’s kinda fun to see, I think! I’m looking forward to the other second shooting gigs I have this year and I’m glad I’ll be nice and warmed up for my own couples’ weddings later this year!

Bel Air Bay Club weddingBel Air Bay Club weddingBel Air Bay Club weddingBel Air Bay Club weddingBel Air Bay Club weddingBel Air Bay Club weddingBel Air Bay Club wedding

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