Tiffany + Tameem = Married!

As a wedding photographer, I’ve photographed weddings of all shapes and sizes. From 15 guests, to 500 guests, and everything in between. But I have to say, the weddings where I’m the only “guest” are always among my favorites. Tiffany and Tameem were planning a large wedding that was set to happen late last year, but life got in the way and that wedding got put on hold. They realized they just wanted to be married already, so they decided to elope and have a courthouse wedding. I was there to document it and I was the only person there, besides the judge that married them. It was wonderful!

Tiffany and Tameem are both so sweet. They met at USC, where Tameem was the TA in a Physics class that Tiffany took. Tiffany is now an actress and she is vivacious and funny and is the perfect balance to Tameem’s more quiet and soft spoken nature. They are a perfect example of opposites attracting and it was quite obvious they are crazy for one another. They had written their own vows because they were unsure if they were going to have the opportunity to read them to one another during the courthouse ceremony. When they weren’t given the chance, they decided to read them to one another outside of the courthouse. It was an incredibly special moment and made me wish I would’ve done the same with my honey.

Such a fun and meaningful afternoon and I’m so glad I was there to witness it. Congratulations, Tiffany and Tameem!


  • Megan Welker - I love courthouse weddings and this one is captured so perfectly! Love it Heidi!!

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