Juliana + Maddy = 5 Years Old!

I used to consider myself a photographer who only did weddings. I thought family and children’s portraiture was too hard. Kids liked to run away from me when I tried to take their photo. That’s something a bride never did. ;) For several years I was happy with my decision to only shoot weddings, aside from the occasional family shoot for past wedding clients. But slowly but surely I found myself accepting more and more portrait jobs. Families, babies and the like. And I liked it. Even though the kids were still running away, I began to thrill in the chase and revel in the accomplishment of capturing amazing images of them anyway. So I guess I’m not just a wedding photographer anymore, and I’m more than okay with that.

A couple of months ago I got to hang out with Juliana and Maddy. They are both 5 years old, just a few weeks apart. Their moms went to high school together and have been good friends every since. Maddy’s mom wanted to surprise Juliana’s mom by booking a photo shoot to commemorate Juliana’s fifth birthday. So while this shoot was mostly for Juliana, we also got some of both girls together. I’m sure these two girls will be life-long friends and it will be so cool for them to look back on these photos together some day. And they didn’t even run away from me once. So glad I got to be a part of that!

  • Jordana - aaack! So cute!

  • Megan Welker - that shot of the two of them with the teddy bear is going to be one of those photos they look back on all of the time! I love these!

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