Ryder Family Photos

This past Christmas was an especially exciting one for the Ryders because we have a new addition to the family! My sister-in-law Megan gave birth to the wonderful little Lucy in April and we all couldn’t wait to celebrate the holidays with this new little one. I knew this Christmas was special and I wanted to commemorate it. So, naturally, I forced everyone to pose for family photos. In freezing weather. On a windy day. If joining the Ryder family were like a game of Survivor, I’d have been voted off the island for sure. :D

Truth be told, everyone in the family at least pretended for my sake to be into the idea of taking some family photos. We all coordinated our outfits to fit a nice neutral palette and we even went shopping together. The prep was fun!

Now, here’s the thing about being a Southern California photographer. I have it SO EASY. The weather here is amazing most of the time. Yes, it’s been pretty cold here lately, but the cold days have always been sprinkled between beautifully warm days. Not so much in Colorado, it turns out. When the day finally came to get everyone outside and in front of my camera, the temperature was below zero due to the windchill. But, the sun was out and there was still snow on the ground and we were all color-coordinated, so we stuck with the plan.

We didn’t have to travel far from the house to find a pretty spot, which was nice. The wind was picking up, which was not helpful. We all stayed bundled up in our coats as I quickly tried to set my camera and tripod up. Poor Lucy’s little nose and cheeks turned bright red almost immediately. I quickly huddled everyone together and composed the shot before placing myself next to Chris. With my camera remote in hand I shot rapid fire, trying to sort of direct everyone while still smiling. I think all we could think about was the cold.

But, we got it. Thank heavens.

I think it turned out pretty well, considering! We don’t look THAT cold. Right? After we got the group shot we moved on to other shots. Everyone wanted their picture taken with Lucy, so we all took turns trying to distract her from how cold she was. This baby was such a trooper.

She finally started to fuss so we bundled her back up and the family huddled around her to block the wind. Have I mentioned that I married into a real good family?

And if we’re being honest, a Ryder family photo shoot would not be complete without some weird and hilarious outtakes. My sister-in-law, Heather, and my mom-in-law, Shannon, helped me test my camera settings at some point with some pretty impressive jumping.

And then there’s this. I’m not really sure what this is. ;)

  • Marcella Aguirre - Love this pics, and no they don’t look THAT cold at all :)

  • Heidi Ryder - hehe, thanks, Marcella!

  • Cindy - VERY cute!! Love the photos and family fun!

  • Tracy - WORTH IT!

  • Cake Studio - Beautiful Heidi !!

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