DeFrehn Family Portraits

I don’t shoot a lot of family portraits. This is partly because I’m too busy with wedding work, and partly because the idea of wrangling a family with small children instills such fear in me that I’m pretty sure the universe is making sure I don’t book a lot of that kind of work. However, there are a few families I’ve had the pleasure of photographing whose shoots always make me think, “Oh, this isn’t bad at all. I can do this!” One of those families is the DeFrehns. I’ve been photographing them for almost three years, since Charlotte was only six months old. Now she’s three and she has a new baby sister, Olivia! I was supposed to meet Olivia and photograph the family several months ago, but then they decided to go and buy a new house at the last minute, so life sort of got in the way. ;)

Now Olivia is five months old, almost the same age her sister was when I first photographed her, and the family is settling into their lovely new home, which was the perfect setting for their photos. Olivia looks a lot like Charlotte did at that age, so it was such a full circle moment for me to photograph her. I always have so much fun with this family and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

  • Elisa Suter - Holy cuteness! Her CHEEKS!!!! :)

  • Jillian DeFrehn - We love you Heidi!! We are so happy to have you part of this tradition that hopefully continues until you are snapping my girl’s wedding pictures one day!! xoxo

  • Megan Welker - OH my goodness Heidi! Such beautiful images! Little Olivia has the cutest cheeks! What a sweet family!

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