What 65 Years of Love Looks Like

Recently, the family of one of my 2011 brides (who has since become a friend) asked me to photograph the 65th wedding anniversary party they were throwing for her grandparents. I don’t normally photograph that type of event, but I absolutely adore Alexis and Mitch and their family so I was happy to do it. And I was so glad I did because I got to witness a beautiful twist to something I see all of the time.

In front of their closest family and friends, Rose and Vincent renewed their wedding vows, 65 years after their first exchange of vows. Their children and grandchildren were there to see it. Some friends and family who were there on their wedding day were there for the renewal. There was hardly a dry in the house as they recited their wedding vows again, 65 years later. It was a beautiful reminder that the promises couples make to each other on their wedding day create something bigger than themselves. I hope to witness this reaffirmation of commitment for other couples in the future.

And I hope Chris and I are lucky enough to have 65+ years together. Actually, I hope that for everyone. Here’s to a lifetime of love for all. :)

  • Megan Guerrero - LOVE this!!!

  • Alexis - And your post made me cry again! I love this picture and I had a feeling it would be the one that you picked :) It was such a great day and I’m so happy we have beautiful pictures to remember it by

  • Ala Cortez - <3

  • Jessica Gardner - Chills…so beautiful. Love!

  • Giannina - Heidi-Thanks for your beautiful post and beautiful pictures.

  • Linda Herschbach - Thanks for the wonderful picture of Vince and Rose! It was truly a beautiful day and can tell you have capture much of it!

  • Em - So beautiful. I love this pic

  • Linda Murray - How lovely so nice to see !!

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