Heather + Brian = Expecting!

I’ve known Heather for several years. She’s a fellow photographer and we met during a photographers’ field trip to the Salton Sea. Since then we’ve become great friends and vacation every six months together, along with 11 of our closest lady photographer friends. Basically, I love this girl a lot. When she first told our little group about this new guy she was seeing, all she told us was, “His name is Brian and he’s wonderful, and basically I already know he’s the man I’m going to marry.” And that was that! Less than a year later they were hitched and now they’re expecting a baby girl! Life moves so fast in such wonderful ways sometimes.

I couldn’t be happier for Heather and Brian. They go so well together and it fills my heart with so much joy to see how blissfully happy she is. When she emailed me a few months ago and asked me to take their maternity photos I was incredibly honored and a little terrified! Photographing another photographer (especially one whose work I admire so) is extremely nerve wracking, but once I got these two in front of my camera it was nothing but pure fun and happiness!

Heather and Brian, thank you so much for asking me to capture such a special time in your lives. I hope I did it justice. I’m so happy we’re practically neighbors now and I can’t wait to meet your sweet little girl!

  • Ari - so so so beautiful :)

  • Molly - Y’all are so perfect, and this photography is just lovely! It’s like y’all could be one of those hanging signs in the awesome department of Target.

  • Heather Kincaid - Heidi-
    Thank you SOO very much for these amazing photos. They are so special to us and make us happy. :)
    Love you!!

  • Cristal Wallin - Gorgeous photos!

  • Mary - Oh man, I love everything about these!!! These are so beautiful, the couple is so beautiful and you are so amazing Heidi! <3 I can't wait to one day have a baby in my belly so you can photograph me and my family. :)

  • ala cortez - i love all the color in these photos! i adore seeing heather so happy! beautiful job my dear c-dub!

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