A Traveling Heart: Em the Gem

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent some time in Joshua Tree recently with some of my favorite ladies, otherwise known as The Traveling Hearts. It was an amazing time, as usual, and the perfect opportunity to reflect, recharge and relax. Normally when we all get together for our trips, we spend at least a full day shooting each other. It’s usually a free-for-all where you grab a girl, photograph her for a while, and then grab another girl who’s not being shot by someone else, and so on and so forth until you’ve photographed everyone. It’s always fun, but we decided to do it differently this year and just pair up with one girl.

We drew names out of a hat and I got paired up with the lovely Emily, or Em, or Em the Gem. I’m pretty sure she answers to all three. :) She’s cute as a button and a tall drink of water so I was excited to get to spend some quality time with her in front of my camera. We spent a couple of hours in the “backyard” of the house we rented, which is basically just Joshua Tree National Forest as we were on 5 acres. It was wonderful.

Here are some of my favorite shots of Em. Though, they’re all good, she’s just one of those people who can’t take a good photo. If only we all were so lucky! Thanks for being so sweet and fun and adorable, Em! See you in July! <3