My New Branding!

This post is long overdue, but I figure better late than never, right!? I started the re-branding process last year and and launched the new design of this blog and my website at the beginning of the year. I enlisted the genius of Ashley Jankowski over at Luxecetera (now known as Braizen), and I couldn’t be happier with the new look of my brand.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the process, but I can’t for the life of me find the original inspiration board I created. I’m kicking myself right now! I think it’s really fun to see a starting point of design and see how it all ended up. Truth be told, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted when I hired Ashley, but I’m not so sure that I did. My old branding was great while I had it but as my own style began to take shape, I decided that the look of my brand was too cute. I wanted something more sophisticated, without being too stuffy. It still had to be “me.”

Because Ashley is great at what she does, she was able to ask me all the right questions and help me put a name on my aesthetic. I knew I liked the clean lines and ‘form follows function’ approach to mid-century modern design, but I also loved natural woods and nature.  And, I had to keep the owl, he just needed to grow up a little.  I explained all of this to Ashley and she said, “Oh, you like organic modern.”  And, with that, I had a name for the look I was into. Fantastic!

There is still one more very cool element being designed, but here are some photos of all of the other elements I’m using  for packaging and promotional materials. I love the way the kraft paper brings in the natural elements I love to the clean and modern design. It’s perfect! Some current clients have already seen some of this stuff and I’m looking forward to using it for my new clients, too!

Here’s a shot of the entire spread: From left: DVD case, letterpressed note card, envelope with custom liner and label, owl-stamped kraft box which contains the custom-engraved wooden USB thumb drive, which is sitting next to my letterpress business cards.

A closer look at my business cards. My custom pattern and branch design were letterpressed on a beautiful, thick cotton card stock. Kraft paper labels were letterpressed with my logo and contact information and each label was hand placed onto each card. I love them.

The DVD cases also feature my custom pattern and are personalized for each client’s wedding.

My note cards were letterpressed on the same card stock as my business cards and feature my logo on the front and the custom pattern in one color on the back. I use kraft envelopes with a custom envelope liner, where the pattern makes an appearance again. That pattern is definitely my favorite part of the entire brand.

Here’s a closer look at my wooden USB flash drives. I deliver my clients’ engagement photos on these and I think it’s always a nice little surprise. The best part is, they’re re-usable!

I’d like to give Ashley a big virtual hug for being so awesome and patient with me. The re-branding process is not easy, but she never made me feel like I was crazy or too indecisive. Thanks, Ashley!

  • Blair Van Bussel - This is all PERFECT!!! Love the logo, the pattern, all the letter press goodies, that wood engraved USB – all perfect! :)

  • Lucy Del Real - Love your custom flash drive. :)

  • Tracy - The whole package is fantastic! When I received the USB I was super excited. It is now my default thumb drive ha!
    On another note, I remember when I first found you on Style Me Pretty and I thought, “Wow her style is so cute & crafty, just like me!” Then my style began to mature and shortly after we booked you, you relaunched your brand. That’s when I said to myself, “I knew we hired the right person. It’s too perfect.” SO what I’m trying to say is, kudos to you Heidi! Your personal style shines through this new design and it couldn’t be awesomer. (That’s a word, right?)


  • Rachel McCauley - Gorgeous.

  • Sharon - I love it all, Heidi! Mail me some of your business cards…I just want to feel them with my hands! =)

  • Justine Coniglio - Love the entire look. This is so exciting :)

  • Alicia Frescas - I love every single item. A tip of my hat to Ashley!

  • Joe+Kathrina - LOVE the flash drive! So…pretty…and I never thought I’d describe a flash drive pretty :) Love all the branding!

  • Ala Cortez - um…AMAZING!!! ;)

  • Cindy Au-Yeung - Love it!!

  • Marcella Soto - Really like the new look :)

  • Joey Odorisio - Wow!

  • Manya Keseloff - Awesome and good for you!!!

  • Leah Mullett - Love your branding! Would you mind sharing where you order your USB’s through?! I’m shopping around and trying to find a good price on them if I order a few for the year :) Thanks girly! Appreciate any help I can get lol

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