Alexis and Giannina: Cooking!

I know it’s wedding season, and I promise I have tons of amazing weddings to blog, but for today I wanted to share a super fun mother-daughter shoot with a cooking theme! You may remember Alexis, the daughter in this scenario, as she’s been featured on this blog a couple of times before, for her engagement session and her wedding! She’s basically one of my favorite people and she reminds me of why I love my job so much – meeting new awesome people is a major perk of what I do. Alexis and Mitch are so awesome and Giannina, Alexis’ mom, is the best. She made me feel so welcome and appreciated on Alexis and Mitch’s wedding day and welcomed me into her home with open arms for this shoot.

The reason for this shoot is because Alexis and Giannina realized they spent almost no time togehter on the wedding day, hence, they don’t really have any photos together of just the two of them. This made all of us sad, so they decided it was time for a portrait shoot of just the two of them. The best part is, they were inspired by this cooking engagement session I did earlier this year and wanted to do something similar. Plus, they’d feed me the results. So, obviously I was sold.

Alexis and Giannina, I’m glad we got to spend the afternoon together. Thanks so much for the laughs and yummy food! Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

  • Linda Herschbach - Absolutely wonderful pictures!! Can tell you were really enjoying yourselves and Heidi caught it all!!

  • Alexis Rochlin - heidi, you are awesome! I had so much fun doing these and getting to hang out with you again that I pretty much just want to find reasons to have more pictures taken, even though I probably have more pictures of myself now than I know what to do with :) and I promise, we will pick our favorites soon!

  • Anne - That looks like a wonderfully fun session! It’s so different, too! Just looking at this made my day because they look so happy to be in the kitchen together!

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