Veronica + Jessie = Engaged!

When I first met Veronica and Jessie to talk about their wedding, I did something only I could do; I told them to meet me at one café and showed up to an entirely different one. It was only three minutes into a phone conversation where Vee was trying to figure out what side of the café I was on that we both realized I was at the wrong place! I felt like such an idiot, but Veronica and Jessie just laughed it off and said they would totally wait for me at the correct café. I couldn’t have felt more foolish, but as soon as I finally got to sit with these two face-to-face, my embarrassment turned to ease and I knew immediately that I wanted to shoot this couple’s wedding. You can imagine my excitement when I heard later that I would get to!

That was over a year ago and I finally got to spend some more time with this adorable duo for their engagement session a couple of weeks ago. I even showed up at the right place this time! We met at Birds, their favorite restaurant in Hollywood, and used the restaurant and the surrounding shots as our backdrops. Then, we hopped into Jessie’s awesome vintage BMW and whipped through the city for more shots with the car before finally settling at Angel’s Knoll (otherwise known as the park from 500 Days of Summer).  I had so much fun with these two and their amazing wedding is quickly approaching in June. Vee has been blogging about their wedding planning journey on Weddingbee and I can’t wait to photograph the yummy details they have planned. It’s gonna be a good one, ya’ll!


Jessie brought a couple of vintage cameras from his very own collection. I loved this because I’m a big proponent of only using props in a session if they actually mean something to you!


  • Laurel - Super cute, Heidi!

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