Karlee + Daniel = Married!

Karlee and Daniel live in Australia. Yes, Australia! They were married in San Juan Capistrano, though, and that’s how I had the pleasure of capturing their wedding day. Because of the long distance between us, I was only able to “meet” these two over Skype before their wedding day, but I’ve been excited for their wedding ever since our little chat.

They planned an intimate day in the heart of San Juan Capistrano, with their closest family and friends present. Their ceremony was held at the Hummingbird House Cafe, nestled next to the train tracks in the Los Rios District. In fact, there was a slight intermission during the ceremony as we waited for a train to pass. Part of the reason I love this couple so much is they knew a train would interrupt their ceremony and they didn’t care—just planned to go with the flow! That’s the right attitude to have, if you ask me.

Another reason I love Karlee and Daniel? They allowed two full hours for photos after the ceremony. This is the next best thing to a First Look when it comes to photos because it means we are never rushed and the couple gets some meaningful quiet time together on their wedding day. Amazing.

Thank you, Karlee and Daniel, for choosing me to be a part of your beautiful day. It was such an honor. Here are some of my favorites from the day…


Karlee’s flawless hair and makeup was done by Rachael of Charmed Beauty. She’s clearly an artist!

undefinedundefinedundefinedKarlee’s brought her stunning Bertossi Brides dress with her from Australia. It was custom made for Karlee by Anne Bertossi and  it was absolutely perfect.
undefinedKarlee’s jewelery is by Lola M Designs, and the sweet vintage blue bird pin belonged to Daniel’s grandmother! Karlee pinned it to the inside of her dress, which covered her something old and her something blue.
undefinedundefinedThe sweet flower girl dresses are from Fox’n Lily and provided tons of twirling enjoyment for all.
undefinedKarlee and Daniel commissioned Momental Designs for their invitation suite, place cards and table numbers. I’ve been a fan of Kristy Rice’s work for some time now and I was so excited to finally get to see it in person. Just stunning!
Fuji Wholesale Flowers did the floral arrangements. I thought the creams and soft pinks created the perfect color palette for the day.
undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedThis is the moment where we all got to stop and wave to the people on the train!
undefinedundefinedThe ring bearer surprised Karlee and Daniel by tying the rings to a dog collar, to symbolize their dog Toby, who sadly had to stay home in Australia and couldn’t be there for the wedding. He was definitely there in spirit, though, and Karlee and Daniel clearly appreciated the gesture!
undefinedundefinedundefinedAfter the ceremony the wedding party headed to the Mission San Juan Capistrano for some fun bridal party portraits before I got Karlee and Daniel to myself. We wandered around the Mission and strolled through the Los Rios District.
undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedWhile we were shooting in front of this barn I glanced up and saw the word LOVE painted on a neighboring wall. I got so excited about it, I’m sure Daniel and Karlee thought I was a little nuts. I just love finding stuff like that, and it was so appropriate! It’s as if they knew we were coming.
undefinedundefinedOh, and I have to include this next photo because I wouldn’t be sharing the entire day with you if I didn’t. You see, I wasn’t very smart and left my bag too close to the vintage Rolls Royce that was driving us around town. The driver didn’t see and actually drove the car over my ThinkTank bag when he was moving the car for a certain shot. Oops! Karlee was so worried about my camera gear but I assured her I was carrying anything important in the shootsac that was slung across my shoulder, and kept shooting some photos of Karlee alone. I turned around a few minutes later to see Daniel, THE GROOM, on the ground trying to fish my bag out from under this giant car! I couldn’t believe he risked getting dirty on his wedding day to save my bag. He managed to only get his hands dirty and luckily we were standing in front of a workshop of some sort with a full jar of hand degreaser ready and waiting! After a few minutes, our hero was cleaned up and ready for more photos! Such a funny detour to the day that wasn’t a problem at all because we had so much time for photos. Thanks again, Daniel!
undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedThe reception was held at The Vintage Steakhouse on the opposite side of the train tracks. It was the perfect place to host an intimate dinner and fun party. The Those Guys band got the dance floor going after dinner. They were great!
undefinedMy Sweet & Saucy (one of my favorites!) made three delicious cakes for the event and the cute lacy birds that adorned the table are from Vintage Green Limited.

  • Heather Kincaid - Freakin’ gorgeous!!
    That ring bearer moment is adorable and amazing!! :)

  • Erica R. - Mission San Juan Capistrano!

  • Ian S. - what an awesome spot to get married, great photos!!

  • Molly G. - What a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous couple!

  • Jes - Amazing as always! What a sweetheart of a groom to be so concerned for your bag. Gotta love Ozzies!

  • Megan Welker - loooooove those portraits in front of the white barn! FABULOUS!

  • Cas B - I love all of the little details that make the photos (and I’m sure the day) just so beautiful! I wish I could have been there but the photos of you both are stunning!! xoxo

  • jane - The picture in front of the barn, with the love sign in view, is spectacular! The pictures with you two laughing are truly beautiful!!! Congratulations! Karlee and Daniel may your married life be filled with many moments of laughter.

  • Boxys Mum (Robyn) - Absolutely stunning photos congratulations Heidi.
    What an amazing wedding. Beautiful ppl and wonderful memories. Of course congratulations to Karlee and Dan the stars of the show. The boys all looked very handsome too.

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