Intern Wanted!

Please excuse this interruption in our regularly scheduled programing for a quick business announcement!

I am in need of a part-time intern one day a week. I can confirm internship hours with your university for credit, if you’re a student. The ideal candidate is a budding photographer with a flexible schedule and a willingness to learn.

Must be familiar with recent versions of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Familiarity with InDesign is a plus, but not required. You’ll be working by my side at all times and I will be available to answer any and all questions you may have about the business and share any wisdom I have. I am an open book! I learned a lot during my internships and I’m thrilled to be able to do the same for others.

Possible intern tasks include:

  • Processing client print orders and placing said orders with the lab
  • Burning and packaging client discs
  • Compiling and organizing photos for submission to publications
  • Organizing and sending photos to vendors
  • Prepping and scheduling blog posts
  • Updating website with images from recent shoots

Lunch will be provided on every work day over 4 hours. During our lunch break I would ideally love to use that time as an opportunity for us to have a discourse about business, answer questions and share ideas so that you’re getting as much out of this experience as possible. There is a standing invitation to the chosen intern to assist me on wedding and/or portrait shoots, if desired. Assisting me on a shoot puts you in charge of my gear, anticipating my lens needs as I shoot. Shadowing me on a shoot is a great opportunity to learn directing and shooting techniques. You will not be allowed to shoot while I am photographing clients but I would be happy to spend one-on-one time in a casual non-client shoot.

You choose the ONE day of the week you’d like to intern, Monday through Thursday, but please be able to commit to that schedule almost every week.


  • A wedding and portrait photographer who spends her weekdays working away in her home studio in Los Angeles and many weekends shooting awesomely fun weddings for super awesome couples.
  • Lover of music, robots, owls and sushi. Despite these interests I am not a hipster. Go figure.
  • Wife to a nerdy husband, mom to two furry pugs.
  • A believer in love, which helps in my line of work.
  • A self-starter who turned my love of photography into a thriving business and is willing to share what I’ve learned along the way.


  • Passionate about photography and looking to learn the business side of running a successful photography studio.
  • Have a love for, or at least an interest in, wedding photography.
  • A quick learner who can work independently, but isn’t afraid to ask questions.
  • A dog lover. “Must Love Dogs” isn’t just a lame romantic comedy staring John Cusack, it’s a rule to live by in our home office and you’ll be surrounded by two loving pugs, so you must be able to love them back.
  • A fan of lists and organization.
  • Comfortable with the idea of working in close quarters with me and my dogs in my home studio (read: a room in my North Hollywood apartment).
  • Conscientious and trustworthy with your own reliable transportation.

If the above description sounds like you and you think you can hang with a person like me, please email your resume, a photo (don’t worry, I don’t care what you look like, just like to put a face to a name), and a little bit about yourself to If you’re feeling adventurous, I’d love to know your answers to the following questions, but participating in my little survey isn’t required to apply:

1. Show me a favorite image. Can be by anyone and of anyone or anything. Show me a photo that speaks to you.
2. Your five favorite songs, at the moment.
3. Your two favorite TV shows (or movies, your pick), at the moment.
4. You have three hours to kill in your favorite place on Earth. Where are you and what do you do with that time?
5. Your favorite word.
6. Your least favorite word.

I’ll be scheduling interviews in the next two weeks, so please reply soon if you’re interested! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!