Audra + Courtney = Engaged!

I’m always fascinated by the ways people come into each other’s lives. The way so many of us seem to be connected, and stay that way, even when you think your paths may never cross again. I have some friends who call this the Orbital Theory. I thought about this when I received an email from Audra. She was engaged and her and her fiancĂ©, Courtney, wanted an engagement session. Oh, and she used to work with Chris a few years ago and she’d been following my work ever since. Now, I had never met Audra before, but I liked the idea that someone who was connected to me through my husband was now entering my orbit directly. You just never know where your next new friends will come from!

Audra and Courtney’s engagement session was particularly special because it was also meant to commemorate their time in Los Angeles together as they were moving to New York just days after our session. They were saying goodbye to this fair city and I was so honored to be there to capture some of their farewell moments there together. They met at Six Flags Magic Mountain and both love roller coasters. We opted to tie in some of this hair-whipping fun at the Santa Monica Pier. The rides there aren’t exactly roller coasters, but I think they had fun anyway.

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It wouldn’t be a quintessential California engagement session without some time on the beach.

santa monica pier engagement

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After the sun set we got a little of the city look in at the Urban Light installation outside of LACMA. It’s one of my favorite places to shoot and Audra and Courtney were so much fun to goof off with. It helps that they are madly in love and quite the beautiful couple.

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Audra and Courtney, I’m so glad our paths finally crossed. You guys are so awesome! I hope you’re settling into NYC nicely, but please come back for a visit soon!

  • Erica - I think my face just melted. Very nice work!

  • Laurel - Awesome, colorful shots!

  • Tricia - It helps a great deal that courtney and audra are madly in love but also says alot about you as a photographer that you can capture that in such a genuine way. Consider me a BIG new fan of yours.

  • Peggy Arena - I think your photography is gorgeous!–especially the shots with the streetlights–fab!!!

  • Audra - The pictures being beautiful are all because of you Heidi–we just showed up and did smiled. You captured a loving energy that not many can. We are so thrilled with these photos, and will treasure them forever as our goodbye to California.
    Thank you!

  • Melvin Gilbert - Amazing set, Heidi. I feel inspired. Thank you so much! YOU ARE VERY VERY VERY TALENTED!

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