Bernice + Keith = Married!

If you’re a regular visitor of my blog and you haven’t been in a couple of weeks, you may notice it looks a bit different now! I’ve been in the middle of the re-branding process for several months now and my blog is the first bit to get finished. I’m so excited by it and love the way it turned out! I’ll talk more about it once the entire process is completed, which shouldn’t be too much longer now. But, until then, let me tell you a little bit about an adorable couple I met before the holidays…

Bernice and Keith are from the Chicago area but hired me over a year ago because they saw images from a shoot I participated in at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. They both love the bright lights of Vegas, had decided to get married there and they definitely wanted their wedding portraits made at the super awesome museum. I had been looking forward to a fun weekend in Vegas since Keith and Bernice hired me and I was so happy to find that they were completely awesome and fun to be around so the weekend was even better than I had imagined!

Because they were married in the Mandalay Bay chapel, which has a strict ‘no outside photographers’ rule, I wasn’t able to photograph their ceremony, but caught all the fun action afterwards. These newlyweds were glowing as they strolled through the casino arm-in-arm with their friends and relatives.

vegas casino wedding photos

As a surprise to the guests who trekked all the way to Vegas for their wedding, Keith and Bernice hired a double-decker bus to take everyone on a tour of the strip. It ended up raining that night so most stayed warm and dry inside, which made for a pretty cozy party bus, actually!vegas wedding party bus

The bus stopped at the famous Las Vegas sign and we all piled out for a fun group shot!

wedding party vegas sign

And then a few of us even braved the cold weather and drizzle for a ride down the strip on the top of the bus. So much fun.

vegas lights wedding photos

Because they were married at night, Keith and Bernice opted to do a Day After session. They had a limo take us around to prime places on the strip before heading over to the Neon Museum.

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They told me they’d been taking lessons for their first dance at a reception they planned back home in Chicago. I told them to show me their moves. I can’t get over how cute they are together.

neon museum wedding photosneon museum wedding portraitswedding neon boneyard photoswedding photos las vegasneon wedding las vegas

Bernice and Keith, I feel so lucky to have been part of your special wedding day. Thanks so much to you and your family and friends for making Chris and I feel so welcome. Please come visit us when you pass through LA!

  • Kira Grinberg - I have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with Vegas but these are really sweet and I really like those signs!

    Great new look & feel of your blog! Love the owl following me around :)

  • mary - these are great shots! what a cute couple.

  • Bernice - I am in love with all the pictures you took Heidi…yes all 500+ of them! So glad we found you! We had a blast with you and Chris too. Thanks so much for really capturing us and our love for Vegas!

  • Justine - Such a sweet couple. The neon boneyard shots are so cool!!!

  • Diandra - Heidi I LOOOOVE the site! It is perfect! Especially the owl over there —–> And I love this wedding! It makes me so so excited! We are shooting in the Neon Boneyard! It’s my favorite. Now I am going to look at all of your other boneyard pictures. YAY!

  • V - These pictures are amazing! The couple looks like they are having such a great time! Congrats on the new blog!

  • Keith - Thank you again, for everything! Heidi, you were the best!

  • Molly - These are so wonderful Heidi! They look like such a sweet couple! I’m always so amazed by your talent. You floor me every time !

  • Natalie - We got married in Las Vegas, but only had nice photos at the neongraveyard. Not great photos like the ones on your blog. Nice job and sincerely not overdone. Nice emotion.

  • kim - these shots are so lovely! such a charming couple! Las Vegas is the perfect place for a dream wedding! That’s why many couples plan to have their Weddings in Las Vegas! great blog, Heidi!

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