Snowy Colorado in Film

Hello from Colorado! Chris and I are still here and greatly enjoying our time with the Ryder clan. It’s been a very relaxing time so far, something I could really use right about now! I’m trying to relax as much as I possibly can before jumping right back into the swing of things with three weddings and one engagement session as soon as we get back to LA.

Part of the relaxation process has been spent shooting for myself—on film, no less! I bought myself a used 35mm Nikon film camera and for Christmas Chris gave me the Blackbird, a Twin Lens Reflex camera. I’ve been having so much fun with both and because I am an impatient person I had the first roll cheaply processed at a 1-hour photo lab nearby. I had to make sure the used camera was working properly!

I took Nikon out on the one snowy day we’ve had so far. The snow melted almost as quickly as it appeared, so I was glad that my sister-in-law, Megan, and I had the forethought to go out and shoot some photos of it before it was all gone. I’m so loving the way these look and I’ve definitely been bitten by the film bug again. It reminds me of shooting film in high school and college, when I first fell in love with photography.

As I told Chris, I’m definitely going to need a monthly film allowance now.

field of pine treessnow covered country roadsnow covered pathsnow covered coloradosnow covered branchessnow covered groundpine tree in snowcolorado springs in snow

  • Megan Welker - these images are gorgeous heidi!!! Glad to hear you had a wonderful time there!!

  • jenberry - awesome. i pulled out my old n90 and some expired film a few months ago. fun fun fun. what film stock are you using here?

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