The Big 3-0

Several months ago I was talking with some friends about my impending 30th birthday. We were talking about how we imagined ourselves as 30-year-olds when we were kids and the only way I could think to describe my childhood visions of 30 was by saying, “I always imagined I would be fancy.”  This, of course, made everyone laugh, including me. Who else but a 10-year-old envisions adulthood as “fancy”?

Today is my 30th birthday and I am decidedly un-fancy, but I think I’m okay with that. I’ve never been a fancy person and I likely never will be, but what my 10-year-old self did not realize is fanciness is in the eye of the beholder. I am immensely proud of my life, and myself, for all of the things I’ve accomplished before my 30th birthday. I’m married to a wonderful man, have an amazing family, the best friends a girl could ask for, and I own my own business doing what I love more than anything. Does it really get any more fancy than that?

Here’s a little advice for 10-year-old Heidi and dreamers of future-fancy: If all else fails, stick a candle in it. Instant fancy! ;)

Birthday cupcake with candle

  • Stacey - Love it! Happy Birthday!

  • Jennifer - love this! love you!

  • Bernice - Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Becca - Happy 30th! Your life may not be “fancy.” but from here, it seems pretty darn great. Congratulations on the life you’ve earned, and enjoy this 30th birthday celebration to the fullest!

  • Erin - You are the fanciest lady I know!

  • Heather Kincaid - Love this. Love you. Love. Love. Love on your big day. :)

  • Catie Ronquillo - Happy happy birthday Heidi!! May it be fancy and fabulous and a total hoot (owl pun intended!)

  • jenberry - birthday GIRL!!!!!! xoxooxo

  • NoHo - Happy B Day Heidi…….I just hit 4-0! I love it!

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