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I’ve known Natalie and Sam, the parents of this lovely family, for many years now. I even photographed Sam over a year ago for some promo pics for his music.  Natalie is a film and TV editor who worked with Chris on a show five or six years ago, maybe more. They were both on the night shift and I used to IM with Chris at night while he worked. Eventually I was IM’ing with Natalie, too! We don’t see them as often as we would like to, mostly due to the fact that Chris and I have the WORST work schedules when it comes to being social. Weekends and evenings are usually out for us, which makes us big losers. But, I digress. About nine months ago, Natalie gave birth to the adorable Weston! I’ve seen tons of photos of him on Facebook but I didn’t get to meet him until the day of this shoot.

It took a lot of restraint on my part to not take Weston home with me. He’s one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met, and he’s funny, too! I was so happy to finally meet him and it was great seeing Natalie and Sam again. We had fun playing around in the park a couple of weeks ago and I just adore these shots of this lovely family…

burbank baby photographer

As you can see, Wes has the best smile ever. Cute baby belly laughs are really what make the world go round, I think.

baby crawling through the grass

los angeles baby portraits

los angeles portrait photographer

He got his first taste of grass that day. I don’t think he’ll be ordering it again any time soon…

baby eating grass

family photos in park

baby and dad lying in grass

This next series tickles my funny bone. When we first met at the park, Wes did this thing where he raised his hand to the sky and sort of shouted, as if to say, “Oh, the humanity!” His dad told me he does this a lot and would love it if we could get a shot of him doing it. I was so excited when he did it again, near the end of the shoot. I crack up every time I look at this sequence, it’s so hilarious! I’m glad we’ve got it on “film” now. ;)

family portraits los angeles

Thanks for hanging out with me, guys! I hope not too much time goes by next time before I see you again. :)

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  • Megan Sanders - Beyond cute!!! That last series of pics is priceless!!!

  • Laurell - nice job heidi!

  • Erica - So adorable.

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