More Features!

I had the pleasure of getting featured again in a few places over the last few months!  It’s always such an honor to see my work elsewhere!

Yesterday I got a kick out of seeing one of my photos in the LA Times yesterday! A vignette was written about Bianca and Chad’s Stone Manor wedding and one of my photos accompanied the piece. You can see it online here. Pretty neat!

LA Times Feature

Last month Jackqueline and Jeremy’s Newport Beach wedding, Griffith Observatory engagement session and Laguna Beach Day After session were all featured on a great wedding blog, Ever Ours. I love this blog and it was awesome to be featured there!

Ever Ours feature
And finally, Chris and Yustine’s super sweet Castaways wedding was featured on a UK wedding blog called Smitten by Weddings. I’m International, ya’ll! ;) Check it out here.

Smitten by Weddings feature

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