Jackqueline + Jeremy: The Day After

You may remember this adorable couple from their fun Griffith Observatory engagement session featuring pinwheels, or maybe their Newport Beach wedding on a boat. Because Jackqueline and Jeremy didn’t want to see each other before their ceremony and the weather and time conditions didn’t allow us a ton of time for portraits on their wedding day, they decided to do a Day After session as an opportunity to get some lovely portraits of the two of them in their wedding attire, without dealing with a less than idea time table.

They chose Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna as the backdrop for this session. It’s one of their favorite spots in the world and is actually where Jeremy proposed! It was a small, uncrowded beach with over 200 super steep steps which act as a painful reminder of how the beach got its name. My legs are still recovering from the climb back up to street level. But! I survived and I had so much fun frolicking on the beach with these two. Yes, I said frolick.

At the end of the shoot Jackqueline decided to brave the ocean in her dress so it also ended up being a Trash the Dress session! Here are a few of my favorites…

laguna beach bridal portraits

thousand steps beach portraits

laguna beach wedding photos

laguna beach wedding photos

thousand steps beach wedding

Laguna Beach bridal portraits

beach wedding photos

beach wedding portraits

laguna beach bridal portraits

beach trash the dress

laguna beach trash the dress

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  • Scott Kelsey Photography - I LOVE IT. I wish more brides would opt for the trash the dress session.

  • Jackqueline - Thanks for the beautiful shots, Heidi! Jeremy and I enjoyed the frolick with you as well!

  • Jackqueline - Awesome photos as usual, Heidi! Jeremy and I had a blast frolicking with you!

  • Lindsay - I thought I was your favorite?

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