Malibu Family Portrait Photography

Last weekend I got the chance to photograph a sweet family, right in the middle of wedding season! It was such a welcome change of pace and I had fun hanging out with Daniel, Leigh and little Kolbie. Paramount Ranch is my favorite location for family portraits and I know Kolbie definitely enjoyed seeing the various animals that trotted through, especially the horses and rabbits. In fact, she was much more interested in the animals than she was in having her picture taken, but she managed to cooperate long enough to get some real gems!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Paramount Ranch portrait photos

Paramount Ranch family portraits

Malibu Hills portrait photography

Malibu Family Portraits

Malibu family photography

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Malibu Hills childrens photography

Paramount Ranch family photography

Malibu family photos

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  • Shawn Kloster - Awesome job Heidi! All that was missing was the use of a little Comic Sans font to dress up those beautiful shots! LOL!

    Honestly though… well done! Love that location too!!!

  • Megan Welker - beautiful light and photos Heidi! That little girl is adorable and her dress is too cute!!

  • Jackqueline Christianson - Sweet photos of a sweet family! That little girl is really photogenic… I smell a supermodel!!

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