Heather + Mike = Married!

Heather and Mike were married on a perfectly lovely day in Orange County at Tivoli Terrace. You may remember these two from their Long Beach engagement session. If you recall, Heather and Mike are proud nerds. I like this about them because it is my belief that nerds make the world go ’round. I’m married to one, so I should know.

Heather and Mike’s nerdiness does not stop at wearing matching t-shirts for their engagement session. Because, why stop there when you can nerd out your wedding in amazingly great ways? Needless to say, this was a fun wedding with tons of personal touches. Just as it should be. My lovely friend Jen Grant joined me for this one and we had a blast.

Congratulations, Heather and Mike! Thanks for including me in your day. I hope you’re having a wonderful time in Greece!

wedding dress and Manolo Blahnik shoes

Bride stepping into wedding gown and shoes

Heather’s mom, Jeannie, got emotional the instant Heather was in her dress. It was really sweet.

mother of bride crying with joy

This is the face of a girl who’s excited to be getting married!

excited bride on her wedding day

A few rooms over, we popped in on Mike and his guys getting ready.

groom getting dressed on wedding day

groom getting dressed

Mike and Heather opted for a first look so that most of the portraits could get finished before there ceremony, thereby leaving them more time to enjoy their reception. Good idea, I say.

bride and grooms first look on a beach

I think this next shot might be my favorite of the day. It’s straight out of camera. The light was perfect and the moment was completely genuine. Love!

bride and groom seeing each other for first time

wedding party portrait on beach

bride and groom portraits on beach

bride and groom portraits

bridal portraits on beach

Bride and groom standing in front of a beach

bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere

bride and groom recessional

Right after the ceremony one of the first things these two did was … change their Facebook relationship status to “married.” Of course!

Updating facebook status to Married at wedding

Bride and grom portraits

bride and groom sitting on steps

So here’s where some of the nerdiness comes in. As I mentioned during their engagement session post, Mike proposed to Heather through a game they both love called Kingdom of Loathing. The tables were named after different areas found in the game. The couple also provided little bags full of board games and activities for guests to entertain themselves with. But that’s not so much nerdery as much as it is just awesome.

kingdom of loathing wedding details

The cake topper was made in the likeness of Kingdom of Loathing characters by one of Mike’s and Heather’s friends who owns a toy company called October Toys. It was PERFECT.

Kingdom of Loathing cake topper

And let’s not forget the dragon champagne flutes, purchased from the Ren Faire. Awesome.

Dragon wedding champagne flutes

Heather saw my post about the custom Christmas ornament I had made in the likeness of our late dog, Frasier. She mentioned during their engagement session that she ordered some of their cats and I was so excited to see them make an appearance at the wedding! Thanks to Jen for lining them up to get this shot. The bride and groom on the left are manatees, which is Heather’s favorite animal. The cats are dressed up like Star Wars characters, in case you’re not a nerd.

ittie bittie animal toys

bride and groom first dance

All of the dances between husband/wife, father/daughter and mother/son were very sweet. Mike and his mom’s dance was particularly emotional. Both of them hugged tightly and cried and I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

father/daughter mother/son dance

mother/son dance

There was a photo booth with props, courtesy of Party Booths. Heather and Mike don’t usually dress like this for special occasions. At least I don’t think they do.

wedding photo booth props

groom in hat and fake moustache

Say what you will about nerds, the fact is, they sure do know how to party..

reception photos from wedding dancing

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