Introducing Funky Frank and Foxy Roxy!

There have been a ton of changes in the Ryder household as of late. One of the biggest changes IS the household, in fact – we’ve moved! We now live in the North Hollywood Arts District, so we’re still very close to where we were before, only we’re in a cooler place, next to cooler people and we’re very happy!

Another big change involves the recent addition of two family members! Chris and I decided it was time to adopt another dog. After losing Frasier last year we needed some time to grieve, and we finally felt we were ready to give our hearts to another furry little animal. Neither of us could have expected what would actually happen…

We now have not one, but TWO dogs!

Chris and I are very happy to introduce our snuggly little babies – Funky Frank and Foxy Roxy! They are just about the cutest little animals I’ve ever laid my eyes on and they are amazingly sweet, too! We found them on Petfinder and ended up with both of them because they showed up to their foster home together and they foster mom didn’t want to adopt them out separately. After meeting them both in person there was no way we weren’t going home with the pair, so now we’re a family of four!

Frank (also referred to as Frankie, Frank the Tank, Tank and Franklin) is about 2 years old and is a little ball of energy most of the time. He’s got the most handsome little Pug face that makes me melt a million times a day. He LOVES to give kisses and is so soft and cuddly. Once he gets settled down he makes a great snuggler. He also loves belly rubs (but who doesn’t?). When he’s not smiling he looks a lot like Wilford Brimley and so Chris and I are always asking Frank if he has “diyuhbeetuhs” or if he wants some Quaker Oats. ;)

Thanks to Chris for this shot of Frank and me. I swear he was enjoying the moment, even though he doesn’t look like it. Oh, and please ignore the boxes behind us – we’re still unpacking. ;)

Heidi and Frank

Roxy is about 3 1/2 and is our sweet baby girl. She is interested in nothing besides sitting on or beside you and sleeping. The instant you sit down, she will be on your lap within three seconds, flat. She has a little sticky-outy tongue that is cute, hilarious and endearing. It’s also her mood meter. We know her level of comfort and happiness based on how much her tongue is sticking out. Very convenient!


Frank is usually a lot more smiley but I was interrupting his mid-day nap to get these photos so he wasn’t exactly amused.  But, anyway, these are our kids! We are so in love with them and it’s only been a week! I stare at them all the time and still can’t believe they are my dogs! Yay!

Roxy and Frank

  • Annie - Yay, Congrats! They are SO CUTE!!!!

  • Nicholas - So cute. So want to come over and play…

  • Stacey - CONGRATS!! They are so adorable!!

  • Jennifer - holy crap those dogs are cute. might just have to plan a trip to LA to meet that Frank.

  • Megan Sanders - OK…so that last picture of Frank is so cute that I puked!!! They are both beyond adorable and I am in love!

  • mary k - yay!!! what a great pair of doggies!

  • Kim - Congratulations!!! I can't wait to meet my new niece and nephew!!

  • jen berry - wow. they are incredible. i’m so happy that you’ve started to grow your family again. (ps i’m good for the 29th) xoxooxo

  • Pam - aww, I ruv you cute rittle baybeeth! (this is how I always talk to my dog Chewy, and Gary sometimes haha!)

  • Chris Ryder - I would like to amend the above copy by mentioning that Frank is currently going by the name “Franklin Pants El Tanklestein”. In addition I’d like to point out that Roxy’s full name is “Foxy Roxy Rocket Dog”.

    That is all.


  • Jordana - Welcome to the neighborhood! And congrats on the newest additions… they’re super adorable!

  • Rebel - Congratulations. And that face-on-the-carpet pic on the lower right is awesome!

  • Megan Welker - ahhh! Congratulations you two :) You’re additions are perfect! I love Roxy’s little sticky out tongue!

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