Pam + Gary = Engaged!

I first met Pam and Gary at a little coffee house in Pasadena, which happened to be the location of their very first date. I’m a big believer in things happening for a reason, so when I found out I had inadvertently picked our meeting place as the place the two of them first met, I had a good feeling. Pam and Gary were warm and friendly and we chatted about their upcoming wedding as well as the style of wedding photography they envisioned for their day.

When I left the meeting I had a missed phone call from my mother who was calling to tell me my grandfather had passed away early that morning. It was a devastating thing to hear, especially after just having a nice chat with such nice people. I had blogged about my grandpa a couple of days later and I was surprised and extremely touched to receive an email from Pam and Gary offering their condolences. They probably hadn’t even decided on me as their wedding photographer at that point, but they still went out of their way to send me an email to let me know they were sorry for my loss. Whether I was to be their photographer or not, I was glad I had the chance to meet this couple.

When I got the news I would get to capture Pam and Gary’s wedding day, I was so excited! And then the day for their engagement session came and I knew we would have a good time. I was correct. We bonded while trampling through the depths of nature, fighting off beetles, prickly plants, horse poop, and who knows what else. We are tough. I’m so excited by the images we made and I’m going to shut up now and let the photos do the talking. Thanks to Kelly Zhang and her team for turning Pam’s beauty up to 11 with stunning hair and makeup.

Pam and Gary Engagement

cute couple with flowers engagement photos

couple with old architecture engagement photo

couple in thick grove of bamboo

couple in the middle of a bamboo forest

couple engaged in bamboo forest

couple and large bamboo forest

Casual couple in a bamboo grove

smiling couple in a bamboo grove

Couple in a field of mustard flowers

Couple in the middle of a large field of mustard flowers

Couple walking through field of mustard flowers

couple standing in front of bougainvillea

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  • Allison Cahoon - I don’t know how I found you but you are amazing at what you do.. holy crap!!!
    I love your style. These are such funky locations….. I’m jealous…

  • Megan Welker - your locations rock Heidi!! Love this session! They look like such a sweet couple!

  • angelica - love the colors and the nature.. :)

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  • Tammy - Heidi,

    I’m curious. Where is that mustard field?

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