On Teamwork and Opportunities

Chris and I make a really great team. We’ve always been the yin to each other’s yang. He’s messy, I’m tidy. He’s outgoing, I’m more reserved. He likes ketchup on corn dogs, I use only mustard.  Some might think these differences make us incompatible, but really, when you put us together we make one complete package – the best of both worlds.

Our differences have proven to be really helpful when it comes to creative projects, too. I know lots about photography, Chris knows a lot about filmmaking. When you put those two talents together, it turns out you can make a pretty cool stop-motion video.

We spent a couple of hours making the video below as an entry into a contest where the winner wins an all-expenses paid trip to a photo workshop in Mexico. I didn’t win, but I like our video anyway. Had we more time to focus on it (we shot it the weekend my grandpa passed away so more pressing things were happening in our life), I know the result would have been even better, and maybe even gotten us a win.

How we did it: I set up my camera to take continuous shots of me walking. I also took a shoot of four Polaroid pictures sitting on a table and Chris keyed the real photo out to use it as a mat for the animation. We shot in four different locations. The concept is I’m prepping myself for Mexico. In the first frame I’m removing a winter hat and scarf, my coat comes off in the second, and I appear in a skirt and flip flops in the third frame and find myself a sombrero. When I walk into the fourth, I’ve got the sombrero on and a camera in hand – ¡Viva Mexico!

Hope you enjoy the video – I just had to share it. I can’t wait to work with my creative partner again!

  • mary - i love it.

  • my. - Awesome! And how fun to be able to collaborate on a project together. One complete package indeed! :)

  • Joey O. - Very cute! (and a good VW song clip too)

  • jen berry - we all know you should have won!!! ha!

  • Araxi - I LOVE that!!! :)

  • Paige + Blake - very cool!
    I wish we could do something like that…

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