Wedding Inspiration Wednesdays: A Birdcage Wedding

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about ways to keep my blog fresh, even when I don’t have shoots to share with you. I wanted to think of something that would be beneficial to my brides (and any that happened upon my blog) but I wasn’t sure what I could offer on a constant basis that would keep me and others interested.

But this weekend I was chatting with a friend and client about her upcoming wedding in June. Her venue is very beautiful and quaint and feels almost like a garden, and we were tossing around ideas of ways to make the wedding personal. This particular bride has a pet bird whom she adores and jokingly said something about incorporating bird cages somehow. I thought this was a brilliant idea and I knew she could easily find tons of beautiful and inspired ways to incorporate bird cages into her wedding. She almost laughed off the idea because she hasn’t been immersed in the world of weddings for years like I have. She didn’t think it would be possible. But I knew better. And then a light bulb literally went on over my head.

I realized that people like me are a wealth of information when it comes to wedding ideas because we have seen so much more than the average bride has. So, I’ve decided to start an ongoing section called “Wedding Inspiration Wednesdays” where I will pick a theme and then find several lovely things that a bride might pick to incorporate said theme into her wedding.

Now, between you and me, I am no wedding designer, nor do I claim to be. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun! Truth be told, I honestly believe it’s not the details that make a wedding, but I love to look at pretty things as much as the next gal, and chances are you do, too.

So, in honor of my friend, the first Wedding Inspiration Wednesday is all about bird cages. Most of these were found several days ago and I couldn’t find my source for a few of them, but I’ve listed links below for the ones I still had. If you recognize an un-sourced item from somewhere, please let me know.


1. Birdcage Cake by Lark Cake Shop
2. Feathered Birdcage Veil by Unveiled Bridal Designs
3. Birdcage Ring Pillow by Llubav
4 and 5. Birdcage Flower Centerpieces by Mints Design
6. Birdcage Card Holder via Weddingbee

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  • Bernice - What a great idea! Can't wait to see more!

  • Mary - Man! This makes me want to divorce Scott, propose to him and plan our wedding all over again! Love it! I hope this inspires your brides!!

  • Amanda @Ruffled - I’ve been collecting birdcage images and you’ve made my life a lot easier now! Will be linking soon.

  • Bernice S. - What a great idea! Can’t wait to see more!

  • jen berry - what a cute idea. you are such a creative eye. rock it.

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