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Heather and Mike’s Long Beach engagement session took place in the Belmont Shores area of town, which was a new location for me. Heather lived in Long Beach when she and Mike first started dating, so many of their early dates happened on the very same street a majority of the session was held on. I fell in love with this part of Long Beach instantly and can’t wait to go back and try out some of the awesome restaurants and shop in all of the amazing stores we saw.

Heather and Mike are very cute together and shooting a session with them was so much fun because they hardly ever stopped laughing. Like, seriously, I had to tell them to stop a couple of times just to get a different look from them! I, for one, think that’s the makings of a good marriage so I think these two found the right match in each other. Thanks for a fun day, Heather and Mike! Looking forward to more laughs at your wedding at Tivoli Terrace in June!

Some people might consider this next shot a blooper since Mike’s sticking out his tongue, but I just love Heather’s laugh in this one!

So while on our shoot I learned that heather LOVES cupcakes (and who doesn’t, really?), and since she knew we’d be passing by a cupcake shop during the shoot she had already made Mike promise they could get cupcakes at some point. When I heard this I said, “Let’s go right now!” So, we headed to Frosted Cupcakery, which proved to be the perfect setting for some yummy photos.

It turned out the Mexican restaurant where Heather and Mike had their first date (though neither of them were sure it was actually a date at the time) was just a block away! I had them grab a table for a couple of shots.

Then Heather showed me this delightful little shop, Romance Etc., and it immediately became my favorite because not only was the storefront super charming, but the light was glorious, too.

For Christmas this year I received an Instax 210 camera, which is basically a Polaroid camera, but made by Fuji. It is awesome! I decided to break it out for this session and have a little fun.

Eventually we headed back to the beach, and I feel I should probably explain these next couple of photos. You see, Heather and Mike really love playing this game called The Kingdom of Loathing, or KoL for short. It’s really nerdy, and from what I’ve heard it’s super hilarious. Oh, and in the game, Mike had his character gift a ring to Heather’s character, and that’s how he proposed! This stick figure guy – who is wielding a martini and a sword, if you can’t tell – is like the game mascot.

And here is the lovely couple in matching KoL t-shirts! Hooray!

The sunset was stellar that evening, as it has been the past couple of weeks. We took full advantage.

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  • Lara - Wonderful shots, Heidi! LOVE THEM!

  • Shawn Kloster - What a gorgeous couple!! I love the locations too… awesome job, Heidi!!

  • Amelia Strauss - Heidi, these are so unique! Love the cupcake shots – I want to eat them right out of the image. Fave is the sunset image!

  • jeannie - i’m heather’s mom, so i couldn’t wait to see these. I LOVE THEM ALL! You have really captured the Heather & Mike we see whenever we are around them. See you in June.

  • jenny - Frosted cupcakes is my FAVORITE cupcake place EVER ! I love that you included their awesome wall in the photos ! This shoot is so fun and so full of yummy food ! ok… now I’m getting hungry….

  • Sheryl Metheney - I love the t-shirt! You two are so cute, you’re edible!

  • ayres photography - Wow!! This looks like it was such a fun session! Stunning images! (It also looks like the weather in Cali is much more friendly than it here in good ‘ol Buffalo, NY….brrrrrr!!!) Great work! :)

  • Charla - Awesome Heidi! I’ve lived in Belmont Shore for past ten years (until recently)! Way to go. You found all the best places and the images speak for themselves. I’m a fan!

  • Lara S. - Wonderful shots, Heidi! LOVE THEM!

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  • Danica - How funny that their first date was at Panama Joes on 2nd street, I found your blog looking for engagement picture ideas in LB and I met my fiance at Panama Joes! :) Great pics!

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