Griffith Observatory Engagement Photos : Used for Wedding Invites!

Every once in a while a client will ask me why they need an engagement session. My response is two-fold, but very simple:

  1. Engagement sessions give us a chance to get to know each other. You get a chance to see how I work, and I get a chance to make you comfortable with my camera. That way, we are old friends by the wedding day and the portraits are a breeze to take – and fun, too!
  2. There are so many things you can do with your engagement photos! You can make an album using the photos and leave plenty of white space for guests to sign on your wedding day, which beats the boring old guest book your mom and dad had at their wedding; you can use the photos to dress up and personalize a wedding website; you can pick your favorite photo(s) for your Save the Dates; and you can even use them for your wedding invitations. The possibilities really are endless!

When I first met with Emily and Free, I learned that Free was a graphic designer and they planned to use their engagement photos for their wedding invitations. I figured the result would be pretty neat, and I wasn’t disappointed when I received my very own copies in the mail.

It really warms my heart to see photos that I took being utilized in such an awesome way. It’s also nice to think that Emily and Free are really increasing the value of of their investment by utilizing it in such an important way – I’ve seen their wedding website, and the photos are very prominent there, too. So great!

I hope many more of my brides and grooms will be inspired by Free and Emily’s creativity. I cannot wait for their wedding at the end of this month!

Here’s a shot of the front of the invite, as well as the Save the Date card:

Invite upon first open:

The invite fully opened:

And here’s what the invite looks like from the back when it’s fully folded out:

Thanks to Free and Emily for allowing me to share this awesome invite with everyone!

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  • Meg - Love this!

  • JB - Who doesn’t love a girl in a Green Lantern t-shirt?

  • Amanda @ Ruffled - So fresh and so clean! :) That cover image is perfection!

  • Shawn Kloster - Nothing better than seeing your work put to good use! I love the design too… great job by all of you!

  • nicky - What a great idea! I loved these pics when I first saw them and that invitation is so personal and creative :)

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