Giving Is Awesome: Congratulations to the Armes Family!

When I announced my participation in the Giving Is Awesome portrait giveaway just a few short weeks ago, I was hoping to receive at least one nomination for a deserving family, but I recieved so much more than that and the decision was a very difficult one.

It was so touching to sift through all the entries. I read stories of triumph, stories of despair, stories of strength and stories of hope. Unfortunately there were several entries where people nominated themselves, which unfortunately disqualified them since that was against the rules (sorry, folks – fair is fair). Ultimately, though, I know the right family won out because of the way I felt after reading their story.  The  patriarchs of the Armes family, Alan and Debbie, seem to be the epitome of what parents should be in my mind: kind, selfless and generous. Not being a parent yet myself, I can only imagine how fulfilling it must be to put your children first in all aspects and to teach them the value of giving. Their friend Natalie nominated them for this gift and it was obvious that she admires and loves this kind family greatly. In fact, I’ll let Natalie do the talking…

“Alan & Debbie are the proud parents of 4 amazing children.

With a houseful already, Alan & Debbie still make time to help other people. Alan volunteers with the local boy scouts & Baseball. They both cook food for people who are sick, new parents or even friends they know are just busy & overwhelmed. They are constantly watching other people’s kids for free, volunteer with their church, and they are always donating to local charities & homeless shelters.

They live life very simply, all four kids roomed together until recently when they decided to sacrifice their bedroom & now sleep in the back family room area so the boys could have a room and now the girls have a room too. That’s their lives, total sacrifice for their kids and others. Always giving & never asking for anything. Thus this Christmas season, I think the Armes’ family is totally be deserving because of all they’ve done for so many other people!”

So, congratulations, Armes family! I am so looking forward to meeting all six of you and making beautiful portraits of your beautiful family.

Merry Christmas to all! I’m going to enjoy some time with my own little family now. Hope you all are getting to spend time with people you love.

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