Burbank Portrait Photography: Joey

Chris and I have known Joe’s mom and dad for several years now. Joey is 2 1/2 years old, but we hadn’t seen him since he was just a wiggle worm of a baby, which is way too long to go between visits! I was so glad the day finally came for me to make some portraits of Joey and I had such a blast chasing after this adorable little energy drink disguised as a child. Here’s a tip: if you wanna get in shape, change your career to kids photographer! I’m rethinking the whole wedding photographer thing just so I can lose a few pounds! ;)

Here are a few of my favorites from our play date in the park.











So, like most boys his age I’ve known, Joey is completely obsessed with Buzz Lightyear from the Toy Story movies. He brought along his costume, which mom and dad say he LOVES to wear as much as possible. Getting to put it on was his treat at the end of the shoot for being such a great little model. He had an absolute blast running around while wearing his Buzz wings and yelling, “To Infinity, And Beyond!”



  • Mary - Aweee I love these! What a cute kid! I wish I had a Buzz Lightyear outfit like that..I would wear it everyday!

    Great job!

  • Amanda Rae - Hi Heidi! This is Mary’s friend, Amanda. Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t wait to meet you sooooooon. ;)

  • Corey - We were so excited that we finally had a chance for Heidi to shoot our little Buzz, and the results were beyond the superb shots Heidi has done in the past. (Of course, I’m a little biased!) Thanks, Heidi!

  • Heather Kincaid - OMG. Are you kidding me? So cute!!
    You did so amazingly well with these! I feel like I was totally there laughing along with the kids. :)

  • jenberry - this look sooooo fun. you are always consistently awesome. what great expressions.

  • Jackie Wonders - so stinkin’ cute! his name fits him *perfectly*

  • Shawn Kloster - Awesome shots, Heidi! He doesn’t seem aware of the camera at all. All are such great, genuine portraits. =)

    And you’re right… I just shot some headshots for a 9 mo/old baby. Talk about a workout, haha! I’ll be blogging those soon too. ;)

  • my. - Wow! You did so great with this shoot. I especially love the set of him sticking out his tongue & the upside down one. You captured the fun & playful boy that he seems to be. And you nailed the lighting on the last few shots. And the bokeh … yummy!

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