Celebrating SIL Day

One of the many perks of being married to Chris is that his amazing family also becomes my family. I know making fun of or not liking your in-laws is one of the oldest jokes in the world, but I honestly don’t know what that feels like. It’s a joke I can’t really snicker at. I can’t nod in understanding when someone complains about their mother-in-law this or sister-in-law that. Seriously- when it comes to matters of the in-laws, I. lucked. out.

All of Chris’ immediate and extended family are some of my favorite people ever. And, as icing on the cake, I now have two sisters. Amazing, beautiful, hilarious sisters. Their names are Megan and Heather, but I just call them both “SIL.”

Megan is a zookeeper in Colorado. Well, she’s actually got a fancier title than just zookeeper. I believe she’s in charge of training and enrichment for all of the animals at the zoo. So, she basically has the coolest job on the planet (next to mine, of course) and is even in Mongolia researching snow leopards right at this very second. Mongolia! Snow leopards! Amazeballs!

Heather lives in Virginia at the moment and is in grad school for Advertising. Copy Writing, to be exact. She is hilarious, clever and super smart, which proves to be a pretty good combo when you’re trying to write great copy for advertisements. She’s going to do amazing things, and I can’t wait to watch it happen. Chris and are lucky enough to have Heather living with us this Summer while she interns at a major ad agency in Los Angeles. We were hoping to have the Funnest Summer Ever, but we’re all so busy that we kind of barely see each other. It’s the saddest story ever told.

A couple of weekends ago, though, Chris was in San Diego for Comic-Con. I had a free Sunday and Heather was willing to neglect some work so we decided to have a SIL Day.  A few of Heather’s friends from school are also in LA for the Summer at various internships, so we met up with them at the Getty Villa in Malibu. It was my first time there and it didn’t disappoint.



I broke out my new Lens Baby for some interesting detail shots of the art and architecture.



Of course we had to hit up the children’s section which had fun hands-on activities, including decorating Grecian earns. Heather let everyone know what day it was.






And, because we Ryders are a cultured bunch, we said goodbye to Heather’s friends and the Getty Villa and headed to The Annenberg Space for Photography, which is a place I’ve been dying to visit since it opened. Oh man, it was so inspiring and wonderful. I want to go there every single day.




Not photographed because I was busy stuffing my face with ice cream and/or popcorn: Our trip to Diddy Riese in Westwood and an impromptu showing of Harry Potter at the Fox Theater. It was a pretty successful SIL Day. I think Heather would agree that the only thing missing was Megan. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to have another SIL Day soon!

  • Jessica - So cute!

  • Heather - SIL Day was amazeballs!

  • Vanessa - thanks for sharing!!! The space seems awesome!

  • Megan - I think SIL day sounds like the most wonderful day ever!!!! Lets please do have another one soon when I am in the country! You are the rad-est SIL ever!!!

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