Simi Valley Wedding Photography – Sherry + Aaron

Sherry and Aaron got married at the gorgeous home of Aaron’s brother in Simi Valley. I actually met this lovely couple on their wedding day, which is always slightly nerve wracking because you never know how well you’re going to click. I soon realized I had absolutely nothing to worry about because these people are so genuine and kind it was impossible not to click with them.

Their wedding was a simple and elegant affair and it was such an honor to witness the celebration. Their friends and family were so happy for them and it was clear that the couple is madly in love. That’s the stuff memorable weddings are made of. Sherry and Aaron, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day. I know your life together is going to be wonderful and full of so much love!

The other vendors:
DJ: Raul of Elegant Event Entertainment
Caterer: Red’s Barbecue
Cake: Westlake Village Viktor Benes Bakery
Second Shooter: Jenny Smith

Sherry wasn’t interested in having photos of her getting ready, but the room she got dressed in was so beautiful, it would have been a shame not to photograph it.


I asked Sherry if she wanted to get a head start on Aaron and warm up to the camera first with some portraits and she decided that was a good idea. She looked absolutely stunning, don’t you agree?




During the ceremony, I was so moved by the way these two stared into each other’s eyes. Their love for each other is very obvious.











This photo cracks me up. These kids were mesmerized by the disassembling of the cake. They stood there like that the entire time. Hilarious!


Sherry and Aaron got the dance party started and their friends and family quickly followed suit. It was so fun to watch them all cut a rug, and they were all dancing away even when it was time for me to go home. Such a great party!



Congratulations, Sherry and Aaron!

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  • Amy - Lovely! I like seeing pretty photos from smaller, more intimate weddings. Looked like a great day!

  • Jenny Smith - Wow, Heidi! You got some great shots!!! I am really impressed! Had a ton of fun! Hope we get to do it again soon!

  • jenberry - Heidi. seriously. those 1st 2 shots look like they are straight out of a magazine. they are unbelievably gorgeous. love em. You always do such an amazing job with detail shots. wow!!!! makes me realize i miss you.

  • Mark Leonard - Sweet image in the white room. Very classy.

  • Carla Miaule - I LOVE these photos. Such a beautiful way to remember this occasion. Congrats Sherry and Aaron!!

  • Ruth Schoenherr - Absolutely beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing ~ Please send more!

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