Duke: Doggy Portraits

I am not a pet photographer. You know this, and I know this. I’m definitely not venturing into that world with these photos, but I did have a lot of fun with Duke.

Duke is the beloved dog of my very close friend, Alicia. Last week Duke was diagnosed with cancer and Alicia is (naturally) devastated. When she told me, I did my best to console her, as friends do in these situations, but I felt helpless because I knew there was nothing I could say or do to make her feel better. I knew just how much Alicia loves this dog. She talks about him a lot and is constantly taking pictures of him with her crappy camera phone and showing them to me. This dog is adored.

A couple of days after Alicia gave me the news, I noticed she had posted some pictures of Duke to her Facebook page. I think most of them were from her camera phone because Duke looked like a blur of fur in most of them. It suddenly occurred to me what I could do: I could take some nice photos of Duke for Alicia to have for always. She accepted the offer happily and yesterday the three of us spent some time in the park.

You’d never know by looking at these photos that Duke is sick. He’s still got a light in his eyes and I honestly think he looks like a puppy, his face is so adorable! Underneath all that fur, though, he’s skin and bones and his walk has turned into more of a wobble. Despite that, Duke was a very sweet dog with tons of patience and you could tell he isn’t uncomfortable or in any pain.  It was a real pleasure to take some doggy portraits of Duke and I hope Alicia and her family love them!


Putting hats on Duke is a favorite pastime in Alicia’s house, so we obviously needed to get some shots of him in his favorite hats. ;)



duke7Not gonna lie, I’m absolutely in love with these next two. The one of Duke by himself makes me a little weepy.

duke8Thanks for being my best canine client so far, Duke! You are a really great dog.

  • Alicia - It all started with my crappy facebook pictures…Duke thinks he looks really hot in these photos, I'm sure.

  • mary - awe man, this made me tear up but also warmed my heart. dogs are really amazing. what a wonderful gift you gave to alicia.

  • mary - p.s. Duke had the cutest ears i’ve seen

  • mary - p.p.s. i meant to say “has” the cutest ears i’ve seen. :)

  • Alicia - These are absolutely amazing. I want every single shot! Can’t tell you how much it means to me.

    P.S. Thanks Mary, his ears are the bomb.com!

  • Jackie Wonders - fun! he seemed like an easy subject :)

  • jenberry - you are such an intuitive person. this is such a priceless gift. i love the one of the dog and her!!!!

  • Cee - i agree… he does look like a puppy, more a lion cub actually. xoxoxo Duke! YOU ARE the bomb.com!!! PK and I are both fans… glad we crossed paths… awesome!

  • Cee - *fluffy*poof*

  • Araxi - Heidi these last two images are just priceless!!!

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