Huntington Gardens and Malibu Beach Engagement Photography – Annie + Robin

When I first met Annie at our consultation meeting, she couldn’t talk about Robin without a smile and a sort of giggle. It was obvious he made her laugh, even when she didn’t want to admit it. I could tell this was a fun couple and know their wedding is destined to be fun. I’ve been looking forward to this engagement session because I knew the two of them together would be equal parts hilarious and adorable.

The three of us met at Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino because Annie and Robin wanted some photos made in the Chinese and Japanese gardens there. The gardens are a nod to their culture and their upcoming wedding, which will include many awesome surprises that I cannot wait to document.

Robin began making Annie giggle and smile immediately, which helped us all warm up really quickly! It was a challenge not to crack up the entire time, myself – it’s hard to look through a camera’s viewfinder when you’re doubled over with laughter! But, I managed and I think we got some lovely shots that are reflective of this amazing couple.

Here are a few of my favorites from the Huntington Gardens.


Robin kept striking intentionally cheesy poses and Annie would try to her best to act annoyed for a second, but ultimately all anyone could do is laugh.


Every once in a while I managed to get some serious ones in, though. ;)



After we finished up at the gardens, we all loaded into one car and Robin drove us out to Malibu for some beachy goodness. Annie and Robin brought their dog, Tipper, along for the ride. As soon as he was let out of his little carrier, he hopped right up on my lap and I was instantly smitten.  When we got to Paradise Cove, I began snapping away and made sure to get some good ones of my new best friend – who got dressed up especially for me!




I couldn’t decide which I liked best out of these next two, so I picked them both! This is my blog, so I can do that sort of thing.



Annie and Robin, thank you so much for spending that marathon day with me! I wouldn’t want to be held hostage in a car headed to Malibu by anyone else. ;) See you in September!

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  • Meg - Love these Heidi!! did the session start at Huntington Gardens? That’s where I’ll be shooting this Friday!

  • nicky - Beautiful couple, beautiful work! What a cute doggie!!!

  • Kayleen T. - Beautiful pix! I love the last 2!

  • jenberry - that last shot is money. if i got just that shot of steve and i… oh man.

  • Beth - These are all so gorgeous! very nice work!

  • Mary - WOW! I love this session so much! beautiful light and beautiful people and a beautiful photographer with a beautiful talent= well you know… =) So amazing! I can’t wait to see their wedding! <3

  • mo - Loving all the sunshine in this session, great job Heidi! How cute was Tipper’s little tux :)

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