Featured on Start Up Princess!

I’ve never really thought of myself as an entrepreneur. In my mind entrepreneurs are men and women in business suits who do grand things with their time and money. They are Very Important People with ultra bright smiles and perfectly-coiffed hair.

Me? I spend my time taking pretty photos and hanging out with awesome people on their wedding day, then I sit in my office and edit those photographs by the light of the robot lamp on my desk and to the sounds of my iTunes playlist. Also, I’m often in my pajamas.

So, it’s a little surprising to me that a website for women entrepreneurs called Start Up Princess wanted to know about my business. I don’t wear business suits! My hair is usually a total mess! But, they didn’t care. And so it seems my idea of what an entrepreneur was is totally wrong (no surprise there) and I am in fact one!

All kidding aside, I have worked very hard to start this modest photography business of mine and to be recognized for it is very, very nice. I’ve received a lot of help and encouragement from my peers, friends and family and I’m hoping that someone who is thinking about starting their own business will read my interview and walk away with something that will encourage them to go for it!

You can read my interview here, and if you’re a woman entrepreneur I encourage you to poke around the rest of the site. There are some great articles and interviews to read and learn from!

Here’s a screen shot:


  • Kayleen T. - That’s so cool Heidi! I like that picture of you too!

  • jenberry - cutieeeee. love this. powerful and you do look so fun and cute in that photo. i love it.

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