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I’ve been to a lot of weddings in my day. Many of them have been amazing—not because they were upscale affairs that set the couple and their family back millions of dollars. No, the weddings I remember fondly to this day are the ones that were so unique and personal to the couple that the entire event just oozed the couples personality. Do you like that word, ooze? Probably not the best verb to use when describing weddings, but you get my drift.

When Chris and I began planning our wedding  less than two year ago, we had one objective (well, okay two objectives—getting married was obviously one of them). We wanted our wedding to be a representation of us as a couple.

I realize many blog readers don’t actually know me or Chris personally, so in order for you to understand this blog post, let me give you a little bit of a background. My husband Chris is, for lack of a better term, a nerd. A comic book nerd, specifically. He is very proud of this fact, and as much as I tease him about his enthusiasm for super heroes in tights, it is a huge part of him. Comic books are a big part of what defines him. Is that silly? Depends on who you ask, I’ve learned. It just so happens that I am usually surrounded by comic book nerds these days, so my sense of normal is probably skewed.

But, I digress! Now that you know my husband is a comic book nerd, you will understand why the invitation to our wedding was delivered to our guests in comic book form. Yes, you read that correctly. Our wedding invitation was a comic book.

The most surprising fact about our invitation is that it was completely my idea. Before Chris and I were officially engaged I called him out of the blue to tell him that when we decided to get married, I thought our wedding invitation should be a comic book. He, of course, was on board right away.

Enter Tony Fleecs. Chris and Tony grew up together in Colorado. Tony is an amazing comic book artist and was also the officiant at our wedding. Tony was the perfect person to enlist in our comic book invitation project. To make a long process short, Chris wrote the script and Tony did the artwork. The process took a long time—likely longer than it takes to design most wedding invites—but, boy was it worth it.

***EDITED TO ADD: If you’d like to contact Tony about possibly having your own comic invitations made, please email him directly at tonyfleecs@gmail.com. I DO NOT MAKE INVITATIONS AND CANNOT HELP YOU SO PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME. Thanks!***

Just check out the results:





Everything about this invitation is personal to me and Chris, and that fact did not go unnoticed. Our friends and family are still talking about our invites and we were married 10 months ago! In fact, I can name five people off the top of my head who keep our invitations in their car so they can show their friends our invitation.

It really makes Chris and I feel good to know that people have responded so positively to a project that was very personal to us. The best part is, the comic book did its job of setting a tone for the whole wedding (no, we didn’t have a comic book themed wedding, though there was an Incredible Hulk on top of our cake—but that’s another blog entry). People took one look at that invite and were actually excited to attend our wedding. Score one for the bride and groom (that’s us)!

Obviously, none of this would be possible without Tony. If you have an awesome idea for your wedding that requires an amazing artist, give him a holler. He’s even doing sketches for $3 a pop right now—which is just too good of a deal to pass up. Check out his site to order your own.

Just take a look at this sketch of my little guy Herbert! Sooo cute!


Now, go out and make your wedding personal! You will be so glad you did!

  • Araxi - THAT is the coolest thing EVER!!!!!!! I totally agree about making it personal. That makes it so much more memorable!

  • Catie Ronquillo - THOSE ARE AWESOME! That is seriously personalized and so cool! I’d be excited to go to your wedding too :)

  • my. - You guys are too cute! What a wonderful idea! :)

  • Shawn Kloster - Now THIS is innovative and unique! You guys really stepped it up with this idea… I love it!

  • Joey O. - WOW! Those are amazing! I remember the cartoon sketch of the two of you kissing, but never saw these!

  • Mary - awww thats so cute! I love how creative you both are!

  • Mark Hayes - That is one of the coolest invites I’ve ever seen.

  • Kelley Lee Gin - Hi Heidi, I love your invite. Great idea!

  • Paige Green - those were awesome!!!
    (did you want to be Heidi GREEN?!!!!)

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  • Monique S. - these invites are just priceless. and its something special your guest can treasure forever. how did you print these?

  • Aidan - Beautiful!

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  • Oscar - I’ve found this blogged all over the place, and I can definitely see why. This is possibly the greatest idea since indoor plumbing.

  • Dana - Heidi – this has inspired me to think about getting comic book invitations! My fiance and I are huge comic book nerds so this would be perfect. Um, may I ask a few questions? First of all, how much did this cost you? For the artist and to print each book. Also, what did it say inside? I like the idea but have no idea what to do as a “script”. Lol. Any help or suggestions would be fabulous!

    – Dana K.

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  • Will - This…is…AWESOME!!!! Such a great idea, love it!

  • Denver wedding photography - This is great. Very nice concept.

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  • Sam - I loveeeeeee your wedding comic ! I was curious – do you take commissions ?

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