Monique: Metal Doily Press | Headshots

You may have noticed Monique mentioned on this blog before. She is my friend and graphic designer and the person who gave life to my favoritest owl, Herbert! Monique is starting her own letterpress company, Metal Doily Press, and needed some headshots for the ‘About Me’ section that will be found in her soon-to-be-released website. I was happy to oblige.

We started out downtown at the Walt Disney Concert Hall for a cityscape backdrop and then drove out to Topanga Canyon to frolic in some mustard fields. Monique joked about her “one smile” all the while, and though I had never noticed it before, it’s true — Monique has one terrific smile that is standard for every photo! When I tried to direct her and get her to try some poses with a different expression, it just didn’t feel right. So, we went with sincerity and stuck with what felt natural. I’m thinking Mo should trademark those pearly whites because people would pay good money for a smile like that!

Thanks for flashing that grin at me over and over again, Mo! I can’t wait to see all the success you are going to have with your new business!







  • Stefanie - pretty pretty pretty! the second to last one is my favorite!

  • Karl - Yo can you get me her number?

  • Michael Campbell - Hi Heidi, great job! I’m sure she loves them!! I like the first 1 and the last 2 the best. BTW, love your new headshots on your blog and twitter! ~Mike

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