We Should Become More Adventurous…

I know that I’ve chosen the right career path with photography because when I don’t have my camera with me, I am constantly taking imaginary photos with my eyes. I close my eyelids quickly, pretending they are the shutter. When I open them, I have an image burned into my brain.  I crave the feeling and sound of the shutter closing and can’t wait for the next opportunity to pick up my camera and experience that sensation once again.

The gratifying nature of this experience is only amplified when I have beautiful things to photograph. Last week I was able to spend time with Tess and Nicole, two lovely models. It was a spur of the moment shoot that involved little to no planning, but I am so glad it worked out the way it did. I’ll shut up now and let the images tell you about our day…



















  • Wayne Toshikazu - These are great, especially that first set with the umbrellas. Nice, Heidi!

  • Shawn Kloster - These are stellar, Heidi!! Very well done! I LOVE this one!!… http://heidiryder.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/tess-nicole-17.jpg

  • Mark Hayes - An amazing session. Great photography. Great processing. Great Models. I love the rain boots in the tree.

  • Kayleen T. - Woo heidi! These are beautiful! They look like little woodland fairies! :) Gorgeous!

  • jenberry - Heidi. First of all, props to you for setting this all up. Secondly, WOW. Third, your words inspired me today. For some reason they hit home. I’m happy you are pursuing your dream. We’d be at a loss without your pursuit. I really LOVE the close up shot of the blonde gal with the negative space. Thanks for your inspiring words.

  • melanie - you are so freaking talented! i mean i know this, and yet everytime i continue to be amazed by how much so.

  • Courtney - You are so inspirational! In less than a year you’ve accomplished so much. I feel the same about my writing and hope one day I can support myself through what I want to do the most – living, writing, and talking about my characters!

    PS This series is really amazing – I expect to open a fashion mag and see some of these in it. :)

  • Jenny Smith - wow! i love the laying down one and the ladybug! you got great and unique stuff! nice job!

  • Jordana - wow wow wow wow wow… stunning stuff!

  • Mary - Okay I know I just commented on your facebook but really this session is amazing! So so so awesome! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Ashley Rose - umm fanastico! =) i feel like i do that too, take pics with my eyes closed, lol. these are like a dream, so romantic! seriously i love the veil in the air above her head, fabulous!

  • Mark Leonard - The shots of them in the middle of the branches are very cool. Nice work.

  • Kim - wow! These these photos came out beautiful!

  • Paige Green - holy crap! i LOVE them. where did you get the models? where did you get their costumes?
    soft focus on these imges=perfection

  • Araxi - I am soooo in love with these images Heidi. They are absolutely beautiful. So feminine! Great job!

  • Charley - WOW! These are phenomenal.

  • Heather Kincaid - These are super gorgeous!! Totally inspiring. :)

  • Melody@Sweet&SaucyShop - These are amazingly gorgeous!

  • Jenny Liu - Love the shots with the leaves ! So ethereal !

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