Katie: Portraits

When I started my own photography  business I quickly became very aware of great customer service and how important it is to stand out and go the extra mile for your clients in order to give them an experience to remember you by. So, I always appreciate it when I come across others who go above and beyond what is expected of them.

Katie works at Fotoworks Pro, the photo lab I use for my photographic prints. She’s become a recognizable name in this industry among lots of photographers because she puts herself out there as the face of the company, and is constantly striving to foresee the needs of her clients. I admire her dedication to her job and the lengths she goes to in order to provide unbeatable customer service.

I had the privilege of shooting some photos of the lovely Katie this past weekend. It was so much fun finally getting to meet her in person—all of our correspondence up to that point had been via email, Twitter and Facebook! We frolicked in a grassy field for a while and then went out for dinner and some fun conversation about the photography business and other non-related things.

Thanks for hanging out, Katie! I think you are so lovely…you make ordering prints fun! :)


Katie brought along her grandfather’s vintage camera as a prop, which excited me to no end. It was perfect!






I hope Katie doesn’t kill me for posting these ones. I think she looks so cute when she’s cracking up!





  • Jenny Smith - Heidi, These are so creamy and gorgeous! You can really see you personality through the photos! Nice job!

  • Araxi - Katie and Fotoworks are the best!!! You captured her so beautifully Heidi I love the ones of her cracking up :) so cute.

  • Catie Ronquillo - These are great! Looks like you both had a great time. I especially like the camera series :)

  • jenberry - ditto jenny smith. full of personality and beautiful light! cute camera shots!!!

  • amy boring - Hey there Miss Katie. I knew there was a cute spunky girl behind those posts of yours. You look fab in pink and have skin to die for. Nice to see you. :)

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