Viva Las Vegas!

I finally returned home from Vegas last night, and boy, is it good to be back. Vegas is a fun place to escape to, but it’s not really the type of place I’d recommend visiting for longer than three days, that’s for sure. I did have an absolute blast though. After the tradeshow (WPPI) was over, Chris, as well as my mom- and dad-in-law flew out to meet me in Vegas for four fun-filled days complete with not one, but TWO Cirque du Soleil shows and TONS of walking around. I definitely made a conscious decision not to lug my huge camera around and unfortunately I misplaced the battery charger for my point-and-shoot camera, so I am almost entirely devoid of Vegas photos except for two fun shoots that I will post later, and these ones from a night of walking around to take in the sights.

Stay tuned for two more Vegas-themed posts from me coming up later this week!








Here are some fun photobooth pictures of me and some lovely lady photographer friends of mine at the GoBee party our first night in Vegas. Not surprisingly, I had trouble fitting my big ol’ head into frame, but that only makes these all the more hilarious! From left to right (not including me): Jen Berry, Jenny Smith, Nicky Kahn, and Araxi Dertavitian. Can you tell we were having fun?



Oh, and here’s a fun one of Jenny Smith and I that I stole from her blog. We didn’t have anyone else around to take a photo of us together, so we each took one of each other and she photoshopped them together to make them one. Yes, we are nerds.

  • Wayne Toshikazu - Hahaha… silly girls. :) Can’t wait to see the rest!

  • jenberry - hahahaah. cute photoshopping. I think you did just fine with the 5D. i look like i have smoker’s teeth. I think it’s lip gloss. i don’t know how to wear makeup

  • Hanssie Trainor - I love seeing your perspective of the city! Awesome shots Heidi! Now I wish I took my “real” camera out into the city. Next year!

  • Shawn Kloster - Awesome! Can’t wait to see the other shots!

  • Araxi - Good times!!! :) I however need to stay out of photo booths lol Its always great hanging out with you Heidi I had a blast

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