Salton Sea Day Trip

Earlier this week I set out on another day trip with a group of fellow photographers. You may remember my last excursion to Calico Ghost Town in November. Here are the images from that trip: Color and B&W. I had so much fun on that trip, I couldn’t wait for the next one. This time we headed out to the Salton Sea in Coachella Valley. The Salton Sea used to be a resort locale but now the lake bed is full of salt which has killed all of the fish livingĀ  there as well as completely overrun any buildings or fixtures near the water. The place is completely abandoned now, save for people who are living off the grid in what can only be described as shanty towns. It really is quite eerie.

The Salton Sea is quite large so we made our first top at the North Shore. There was an abandoned building with an empty pool, the remnants of a playground and dilapidated trailer homes. Here are a few images from North Shore:


After we got our fill there, we drove over to Bombay Beach. This was the spot that really got me excited. Burnt down mobile homes littered the landscape and dead fish skeletons were everywhere. Not to mention the salt. Salt was encrusted on every inch of every object within 500 feet of the water. It really was something to see. Here are a few from that spot:










I had even more fun on this day trip and can’t wait to find out where we’re gonna go next. I got to hang out with some of my favorite photographers that I already knew and met some new people who were so awesome. Check out this rock star group (I stole this from Heather Kincaid‘s blog, I think it was taken with her camera):


Today I start packing for Vegas, baby! I will be heading out on Sunday for WPPI, the tradeshow for wedding and portrait photographers. I’m so excited! I will do my best to blog from Sin City, but dont’ count on it! Just kidding, totally count on it!

  • Dave T. - Cool stuff, Heidi.

    Wish I could have made it.
    Have fun in Vegas. maybe we’ll get to say hi.

  • Chris - It always amazes me what pretty pictures come from abandoned and dilapidated places. Great stuff!

  • Hanssie - Heidi! These are so fun. Great job and sorry about your shoes :(

  • Michelle Yam - Beautiful Heidi! You need to find the photos and video of your shoe incident! Hope to hang out again soon! :)

  • jenny smith - Heidi, I see plenty of mo jo! I really like your wide shots! My favorite is the tall pole sticking out of the lake.

  • jenberry - i wanted the montage pictures bigger. that shot of the rusted tire…love it.I think my favorite are the birds sitting with one flying. perfect composition and I love the one bird flying by. PLUS the colors are ridiculously beautiful.

  • Meg - Love these! How did I miss that red heart spray painted on the wall? Great to meet you!

  • JB - I <3 graffiti

  • Chelsea Elizabeth - It was so nice to meet you at the Go|Bee party! Love your blog!

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